Customizing a Health Supplement Plan for You is Worth the Effort…

Customizing a Health Supplement Plan for You is Worth the Effort…

Everyone is different

when it comes to taking health supplements. I have always been told to take a multi-vitamin, or I need to add a scoop of greens to your smoothie, etc. So I gladly did it and expected the same or similar results as my friends.

The truth is, my experience was sometimes the same as them, but about half of the time it was not. For example, I purchased a product called “Super Greens” that I bought online.  This stuff left me feeling more of an anxious energy than a clean slow-burning energy that most people crave. Again, everyone is different when it comes to the level of energy, calmness, and mental clarity when taking supplements.

Trial and Error

has been what most of us will have to fall back on when it comes to knowing how we respond to different supplements. Most doctors, unfortunately, do not focus on the root problem of most illnesses and this leaves us with the work of trial and error when it comes to finding the root problem and how to treat it.

There are some practical ways to determine what foods or supplements a person could add to their normal diet. First off, a supplement is not supposed to replace your normal meals throughout the day. A supplement should be filling in the gaps in nutrition that could be lacking in your daily eating routine.

Eating the right foods first

would be and always has given me the best results.  Before we go out and purchase tubs of super greens, plant-based protein powder, beet juice powder, and every other superfood we can think of, start by eating real foods first.

A good example of a healthy meal for me would be putting some sweet potatoes and rice in a crockpot and adding some turkey burgers. More information on what real foods look like in a food pyramid is what I think needs to be focused on. Fewer supplements will be needed if we followed this food pyramid.

In a meal like this, there is no processed foods, sugar, and caffeine which is an incredible start to building back our immune health and tapping into more clean natural energy. Fast food is such a pull for most of us but ends up being a lot of empty calories, leaving us craving more foods that have the minerals and vitamins that our bodies need and crave.

The supplements I ended up taking

have been ALOT of trial and error for me over the past 10 years. Here is an image of a look into my supplement stash currently. Yes, there is a lot here, but I don’t use them every day and there is a reason for that. There are 13 here and I have probably more hidden in the back !!!

The staple ones for me are the green juice powder by organifi, beetelite, H.A. joint protection, cholesterol health by Amway, and Zinc. I don’t experience any negative effects with these and I feel all-around better when I take them.

If I am having a week full of junk food, I end up consuming more of the green juice powder by organifi that contains most of the popular superfoods like Ashwagandha, turmeric, and matcha green tea just to name a few. This definitely helps to fill in the gaps in nutrition ultimately eating better plus these supplements are always best.

In another blog post, I will dive into the benefits of each one, but I had to try several different types of these supplements to fit me and it took some work for sure.

One supplement (I will mention), that replaced all those crazy pre-workout drinks I used to take is beetelite powder. This stuff gives me a clean boost of subtle energy throughout my entire workout.

This is basically powdered beet juice.  I feel the increase in oxygen levels while I’m working out. This stuff is always used when I workout now and the benefits are very noticeable unlike the sugar-filled pre-workout drinks with tons of caffeine that made me feel really off.







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