Your Relationship With Food…Is it Time for a Change?

Your Relationship With Food…Is it Time for a Change?

Does food really control me and the people around me?

So, if I am really honest, I know how to have a fantastic relationship with food. Do I follow through with doing what I know is a life-giving decision?  Well, this blog post is just as much for me as anyone else who may need help in the food relationship department.

When I experience more than normal stress, irritability, or just feel off, it usually has to do with what I eat and drink. I know there is power in eating a lot of organic fruits, veggies, filtered water, high-quality protein, and the list goes on and on.

What I am realizing along with so many others

is there is a more powerful way to get quicker results without giving up all the foods that you would normally eat. Of course, we all should eat healthy foods, but how often we eat is super important too. Giving our bodies time every day to repair, reset, and rest is essential.

There is a health trend that is building which, unfortunately, most food and supplement companies will not talk about. I am talking about simply the practice of actually being truly hungry every day or more specifically, intermittent fasting.  What I am about to say in this post you may have heard before, but understanding why this may be the only solution for most of us is the interesting part.

To eat or not to eat? That is always the question…

The moment you eat anything after you wake up, your body starts the digestion process, and insulin is released. When you make the sacrifice to wait and just drink water only until noon, there are major benefits that so many are taking advantage of.

Let’s say your last meal was about 8 pm the night before and you break the fast at noon the following day. This is 16 hours you are giving your body to rest and recover from digesting food and producing insulin.

Even when you consume healthy foods,

your body still starts the digestion process.  Try to see if the benefits of fasting are worth the sacrifice of feeling that little bit of hunger in the morning. Even if you only do this a couple of days out of the week, there are significant health benefits that most people feel even the first day.

I wake up every single morning with a choice to grab something to eat soon after I wake up, or just drink water for the first part of the day and eat my breakfast or “first meal” around noon. When I say “eat breakfast”, this is the part of the day I choose to break my fast since I have not eaten all night.

This is the perfect time to either continue the fast until noon

or give in to the normal standard American diet meal plan and eat right away when we first get up. There are a couple of main reasons why fasting is so effective for keeping your weight, energy, mood, and overall sense of well being in balance.

The first reason is your body is starting to learn how to gradually use fat for fuel instead of burning carbohydrates first. This happens for me around 9 am when I feel that real noticeable hunger for food. This lasts for about 20 min or so.

We feel hunger because we have a hunger hormone called ghrelin that is triggered based upon our eating patterns. This feeling of hunger does pass soon after you decide to continue the fast. At this point I can tell my body is now starting to use fat for fuel which is a much cleaner source of fuel.

This also gives my digestive system a massive break, manages blood sugar levels, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, helps with mental clarity, and fights off fatigue as well. There are too many benefits to list!

Check out this one month of intermittent fasting video and see if you might like to give it a shot! =)

While you are here, feel free to also check out my non-profit support system called that helps churches, schools, and many other non-profits raise money every time they shop

Life is full of opportunities to make life-giving decisions every day. Give fasting a shot and help a non-profit with too!






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