Lesser-known & Interesting Dental Facts for School Kids

Lesser-known & Interesting Dental Facts for School Kids

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By Dr. Anu Isaac, Coral Dental Care

We understand that as a parent, you are concerned about your kid’s dental health. You always want those pearly whites to shine bright. As a breather from your worries, we bring you here some amazing dental facts and some general dental health tips. These fun dental facts will give you and your kids an insight into how exciting teeth can be!

Go through our following handpicked  11 interesting dental facts for kids:-

  1. Tooth Enamel is the Hardest Part of Your Body

That’s right! The upper shining layer of your teeth, known as enamel, is more potent than all your bones. It contains more minerals than any other tissue in your body.

  1. Teeth Can’t Repair Themselves

Despite being covered with the strongest substance in your body, your teeth are incapable of self-repair. Therefore good oral hygiene and dental treatments like filing are vital for healthy teeth.

  1. Tooth Decay Being the Second Most Common Illness

The common cold is the first. And after it comes the number of tooth decay as the most common health issue in the U.S. Partly because of lack of oral hygiene.

  1. Tooth Decay is Infectious

It is classified as an infectious disease because of the bacteria which causes tooth decay. One person can pass the bacteria to another. It is advisable always to use your own toothbrush only.

  1. Regular Brushing of Teeth Prevents Heart Attacks

The bacteria in your mouth can cause inflammation and infections, sometimes resulting in a heart attack. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly keeps bacteria away. It prevents the chances of a heart attack.

  1. Thumb Sucking in Childhood Results in Misaligned Teeth

The force exerted by the thumb sucking on fragile baby teeth may lead to misaligned teeth in the future. These misaligned teeth will require orthodontics treatment to correct the alignment.

  1. No Two Sets of Teeth Are the Same

Your set of teeth is unique, just like your fingerprints. Do you know what else is unique? Your tongue print also doesn’t match with anyone else!

  1. The 2-2-2 Rule for Healthy Teeth

The 2:2:2 rule is one of the most vital dental facts for kids. It means you should make an appointment with your dentist at least 2 times a year. And you brush and floss your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes.

  1. Your Kids can Avoid Cavities

Although cavities are widespread in the U.S., kids can avoid them altogether. You should use fluoride-enriched toothpaste. It can’t treat cavities, but it can certainly prevent them.

  1. Candy is Not the Only Culprit of Tooth Decay

Avoid starchy and sugary foodstuffs like crackers and cookies, as they can equally damage your teeth. Your kid must be aware of this vital dental fact.

  1. Risk of Dental Injury Increases in Sports

There are higher chances of fractured roots and cracked teeth in sports, especially contact sports like basketball and football. You must ensure that your kids in school wear dental sports gear as protection while playing any sport.


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