9 Materials With Which Handbags are Made

9 Materials With Which Handbags are Made

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You can find various handbags nowadays, be it at expensive designer stores or local shops. There are too many kinds of bags to choose from. The options available in the market are enough to overwhelm anyone.

Bags of different shapes, materials, sizes, and colors adorn the shelves and hangers of stores. People often choose based on the size and color of the handbags since the goal is to accentuate their outfits, but nowadays, people are also paying more attention to the material.

Bags such as the Moses bag, made from organic tree fibers, are increasingly preferred by women of all ages, as the importance of environmental preservation and sustainability takes center stage.

Here are the most commonly used materials for handbags:


Leather is one of the oldest materials used to make handbags. Luxury and designer handbags are usually made from leather. You can find these bags in several designs and shapes.

For fashion aficionados all over the world, the beauty and appeal of leather bags are unbeatable. They are also long-lasting, and you may even keep these as memories as they stay intact for years. If you love parties, these bags can add a touch of elegance to your look.


Fabric handbags are pretty common among women. You can buy a cotton handbag for its softness and flexibility. You can just fold it and store it in a drawer or a shelf when not in use.

Unlike leather bags, these bags are not made to create a fashion statement. But, some are designed so intricately and beautifully that they can be carried to picnics or day outings.


Rubber is another material commonly used in luxury handbags. The manufacturing procedure of such a bag is slightly complicated. But, the good thing is that the material is conveniently available and not too expensive.


Vinyl is also a popular material for making handbags. At first, you might mistake it for leather. However, upon closer inspection, you may realize that it’s rubberized plastic.

Organic Tree Fibers

With people getting more and more environmentally conscious, their tastes and preferences have also changed. People are looking for handbags that are produced organically and are sustainable.

Bags such as the Moses Bag are made from 100% natural Abaca tree fibers and are considered environmentally friendly. They are also water-resistant, making them ideal for use in any condition.


When leather and rubber bags did not exist, straw reigned the fashion realm, and this happened several years ago. Straw is the oldest material used to make bags and is a common constituent in tote bags, beach handbags, and crossbody bags.


Denim was first used to make workwear and, later, jeans and jackets. It has now become a favorite material for making handbags. Designers like to use it for its durability, smart looks, and stone-washed effect.

Vegan Leather

Known as faux leather, vegan leather is an excellent replacement for leather, especially if you are looking for a cost-effective option. The bags are made from plastic, but you can hardly tell them apart from actual leather bags. They resemble leather bags and look great.


Cordura is a solid and durable material. It is an “air-treated” rough nylon fabric, which does not easily get punctured or torn. You can carry it anywhere you want.

It is highly durable and is perfect for rough use, as the material doesn’t tear or rip easily. Since it is also water repellent, there is no need to worry even if you drop it into a puddle of water.

These are the common materials used in the making of handbags. There are also different styles of handbags, such as clutch, crossbody, shoulder bags, etc.


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