What to Consider When Selling a Fixer-Upper

What to Consider When Selling a Fixer-Upper

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If you want to sell your home but know it needs a fair amount of TLC, you may assume it will be a hard sell to any buyer. However, that may not be the case. By taking the right approach from the beginning and being realistic along the way, you may find your fixer-upper is in far more demand than you imagined. To make this a reality, here are some things to consider when selling your fixer-upper.

Determine how Fast It Needs to Sell

First of all, decide how fast you need your house to sell. For example, if you’ve been given a sudden job relocation or have a family emergency that demands plenty of money quickly, you may want to work with companies that buy TLC properties quickly and pay cash within a few days. If you are not in a hurry, you can find a traditional real estate agent to help with the sale.

Consider Repairs

When selling a fixer-upper, you don’t necessarily need to repair every single thing that’s wrong with your home. As for things you should do, one is to contact a roofing contractor if you have a leaky roof since they can patch these areas and leave the roof replacement to the new owner. Repairing your roofing early is important since small damages can become more significant if they are ignored for too long. Also, try to give the interior walls a fresh coat of paint, fix leaky faucets, and replace hinges on doors that don’t shut properly.

Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

Even if you have a TLC home, giving it the right curb appeal can have your home selling quicker than you anticipated. To do so, you can mow the yard and trim bushes and trees. Along with this, remove weeds and other lawn debris, and also declutter your yard by putting trash cans, bicycles, and other things out of sight as much as possible.

Partner with a TLC Real Estate Agent

Should you decide that you want to go the traditional route and use a real estate agent to sell your TLC home, you’ll have more success if you partner with an agent who specializes in these types of properties. Just as some agents sell only luxury homes, others choose to specialize in fixer-uppers. By working with such an agent, they should be able to help you decide on a reasonable asking price and line up a buyer in short order.

By taking these and other factors into consideration when selling your fixer-upper, you can come away with a quick sale and plenty of money in your hand.

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