3 Things To Consider Before Holding Work Meetings In Your Home Office

3 Things To Consider Before Holding Work Meetings In Your Home Office
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You’ve decided that working from home works best for you. You run a small business, you don’t have much (or any) staff, so why bother wasting money on an office? Since you started working from home you’ve saved a lot of money, so it’s clearly proving to be the right decision. The only time where you maybe wish you had an office is when you need to conduct meetings. Sometimes, these can be done via video calls, but other times you need to physically meet with a client to talk things through.

Seeing as you work from home, you instinctively consider inviting them to your house and talking in your home office. Before you do this, here are three things to maybe be worried about:

Children & noise

If you’re a parent, you might have young children in the house when the meeting is scheduled. As a result, you now have to deal with an important meeting, while also hoping that your children aren’t being noisy. Alongside this, general noise around your house and neighborhood can be an issue. What if the house next door is having construction work done? Is it a good meeting atmosphere if all you hear is drilling from next door?! It can make it impossible to conduct a meeting, and if the noise is caused by your kids you will have multiple interruptions.

Personal injuries

Seeing as you are inviting someone onto your property, you instantly become responsible for their safety. Now, some of you might shrug your shoulders and say: who cares? If you had an office you’d still be responsible for their safety.

The only problem is that your home poses far more injury risks than an office. You have so many things lying around that can cause slip & fall accidents, meaning the client will be on the phone with their personal injury attorney faster than you can say sorry. If you meet them in, say, a coffee shop, you instantly relinquish yourself of any blame or lawsuits if there’s a personal injury incident.

Your professional image

Finally, you have to consider your professional image when you host meetings in your home. You have to admit, it’s a bit strange if a company invites you to a meeting and provides a residential address. You look it up on Google Maps, only to confirm what you suspected; you’re going to their home. Instantly, your estimation of the company plummets as they just don’t seem that professional.

This is how people might react if you invite them to your home for a meeting. It’s just not a professional setting, and people can feel uncomfortable in someone else’s home – particularly if their family is there too!

Overall, there are no good reasons to hold meetings at home. Unless you have a very close relationship with a client, it’s best to look for alternatives. Conduct video meetings whenever possible, then look to go to a neutral location – like a quiet coffee shop – if you need to meet face-to-face.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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