5 Things Every Gender Reveal Party Must Have

5 Things Every Gender Reveal Party Must Have

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One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby is finding out if your new child will be a boy or a girl. For some, discovering the gender might be an intense experience where everyone tries their best to keep their cool and not allow the cat out of the bag.

For others, it may be the time to throw a gender reveal party with all their friends and family to share this exciting news.

No matter how family members or close friends find out, it is always fun to celebrate such an exciting occasion.

The best way to have fun with such an event is by planning out a gender reveal party filled with the right amount of creativity. Here are five things every gender reveal party must have!

Confetti Cannons

The gender reveal party trend started in 2008 by Jenna Karvunidis threw a celebration to announce her baby’s gender.

A confetti cannon will make you think of a massive burst of colorful powder exploding into the air! In other words, it’s a gender reveal party’s best friend.

Try to incorporate this fantastic item into your event for maximum effect. Just be careful to use it safely. It’s a great way to have fun and get people cheering along with you for this extraordinary moment without going overboard on how much information is shared with those around you.


Some people might not pay much attention to the small details when planning a gender reveal party. However, this can be a mistake because a lack of decorations can make your event look very bland and unimaginative.

Try creating colorful signs with phrases such as ‘It’s a boy or ‘It’s a girl. You can also add balloons in either pink or blue, depending on your child’s gender. Just remember that if you’re going to use different colored streamers for decorations, bring more of one color than another.

For example, if you’re going for pink and blue, bring four times as many pink ones compared to how many blue ones you have or vice-versa to enhance the theme of the party.


You can come up with different types of races or challenges where participants have to don blue or pink outfits.

If you are considering having a cake decorating contest, try holding it in teams to make the game more fun. You can also set a theme for the cake competition and reward the team that performs the best. Adding games to your party will help your guests interact with each other actively and enjoy their time to the fullest.

Photo Frames

In this modern-day and age of social media, people want to remember every moment of an event such as this one. One of the best ways of achieving this goal is by creating a photo booth for your guests to use for their photos.

You can write down different messages such as “It’s a boy!” or “Our baby is finally here!”  on a placard with water-based pens and beautiful designs for guests to hold up and snap pictures posing with the frame.


If you’re having either a boy or girl, make sure you pick out an appropriate cake flavor for them!

For example, if the gender reveal is blue, choose a lovely vanilla-flavored confection instead of chocolate. But if it’s pink, go with strawberry or mixed fruit with pink icing instead to add to the whole atmosphere of celebration.

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