How to Buy the Best Resistance Bands!

How to Buy the Best Resistance Bands!

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What Do We Understand by the Term Resistance Bands?

A resistance band refers to an elastic and stretchable band utilized for strength training. It provides a specific amount or degree of resistance when a pull gets exerted on it, helping the muscles to stretch during exercises done using them.

The concept and use of resistance bands first emerged in 1990 for the purpose and intention of physiotherapy. In today’s time, they still get utilized for the precise cause. Other than that, they find application during workout regimes. It is because they provide an effective and efficient way to tone the body and build muscles.

Resistance bands can target and work on different and diverse parts of the body. It can include the biceps, shoulders, chest, and other bodily sections.

What are the Various Types or Kinds of Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands can come in various types. They can get categorized and differentiated based on their style, construction, application, and other parameters.

A few types or kinds of resistance bands that get used in daily life consist of the following:

  • Therapy Bands

As the name suggests, therapy bands get used for treatments. They find application during physiotherapies and rehabilitations. They come with a design that has no handles.

The primary purpose of these pieces of training equipment is to generate and deliver a low amount of resistance that can compel the muscles to work and move properly. They can release the stiffness of the body parts, allowing them to operate as if they had received no damage in the first place.

  • Compact Resistance Bands

Compact resistance bands get used during workout regimes. They have the ability and capability of toning the entire body. It depends on the body part on which they get utilized.

They come with plastic handles that remain attached to the extremes of the band. The users have to pull these areas or locations of the grip to generate the resistance that will aid them in their workout.

  • Fit Loop Bands

Fit loop bands target the lower half of the body. They work on building the muscles of the legs and associated parts. These resistance bands come in the form of a looped structure. The users need to place them around their lower bodies and push them outwards during the exercise.

  • Figure-8 Bands

As indicated by the name, figure-8 bands have a shape that resembles the number eight. They have two short bands connected in the middle. The two edges or ends of these pieces of training equipment each come with handles.

Figure-8 bands predominately get used for the upper body. Nonetheless, some individuals utilize them to tone the legs and ankles as well.

  • Ring Resistance Bands

A ring resistance band is circular or oval. It has two soft and comfortable handles on two edges of its diameter. They get utilized for toning the lower body by pulling on the two areas of grip from two opposite sides.

  • Lateral Resistance Bands

A lateral resistance band consists of ankles cuffs made of Velcro material. They remain connected to one another with the help of a band. They target the lower body and work to build the muscles of the legs.

What are the Parameters Based on Which We Can Buy the Most Appropriate Resistance Bands?

Several different categories and kinds of resistance bands exist in the market. They get classified depending on a few parameters. They can consist of the shape, type, color, style, application, etc. Hence, if a person wishes to buy the best resistance bands, they must keep the factors in mind.

A few of such parameters consist of the following:

  • Level or Degree of Resistance

Various resistance bands deliver a specific degree or level of resistance or tension when using them. In general cases, they get categorized and coded with distinct colors.

These can comprise the light, heavy, medium, and very heavy types. A buyer can choose according to the extent of exercise and muscle training they wish to pursue.

Suppose an individual wants to engage in serious training sessions and rounds. In that case, they can choose and purchase the resistance bands that deliver a considerable amount of tension or resistance.

  • Comfort of Handles

Resistance bands that come with handles have their entire functioning and operation focused on that place. In other words, if the gripping spot is not comfortable, users would not be able to work with the pieces of training equipment.

In addition, the handles should fit in the hands perfectly. They should not slip out any time. Otherwise, they can lead to injuries.

With that said, the buyers must carefully check the quality and other features of the handles. Even minor issues in them can lead to significant problems later on. Interchangeable handles serve as the best solution in these cases. They can get replaced whenever they wear out or become unusable.

  • Kind of Resistance Band

The choice or selection of a resistance band depends on the type of exercise that a person will engage in and their extent of professional or prior experience using the training equipment.

If it is their first time using them, an uncomplicated and manageable choice is the way to go. It ensures that they get accustomed to the bands and do not injure themselves during the exercise.

For more experienced individuals, the complex varieties of resistance bands such as the figure-8 ones do not pose a problem.

  • Additional Accessories

Several categories of resistance bands require an additional accessory to work with it. It is so that it can deliver its full potential. They can include a stair rail sturdy pole, wall slips, ankle cuffs, etc. The band has to wrap around these accessories before an individual can start using them.

Suppose the buyer does not wish to purchase any additional accessories due to one reason or the other. In such instances, they can merely choose not to do so. In such cases, they can buy the pieces of training equipment that can work independently and without any support.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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