Let Your Little Ones Enjoy FREE FaceTime with Santa

Let Your Little Ones Enjoy FREE FaceTime with Santa

MySantaLive.com is a FREE online video-messaging service that connects children with Santa Claus “LIVE” from the North Pole in a dramatically new and personal way. Build excitement throughout the Christmas season with these “live” video-messages featuring the real-bearded Santa Claus as he preps for Christmas Day.

Speaking directly into the camera just like he’s having a personal, one-on-one video chat with the child, this free parenting tool helps keep kids believing in Santa by making the magic of Christmas come alive in a convenient and inclusive way.

Gathered in front of a computer, smartphone, or smart TV, families can bond with Santa—and each other—as he talks to them directly from the snowy North Pole.  Kids watch jolly old St. Nick enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at his North Pole home, feeding his reindeer, braving a blizzard, and many other magical moments as if receiving a live Skype or Facetime call directly from Santa himself.

MySantaLIVE.com is FREE, authentic, and secure.


  • is Santa on Demand when it’s convenient for you
  • has all-new 2019 video-messages from the real-bearded Santa Claus
  • has super-fun “LIVE” video messages directly from the North Pole
  • offers family-fun enjoyed online via smartphone, computer or a smart TV
  • is FREE for a limited time
  • allows you to skip the fuss at the mall


MySantaLIVE.com offers families a less stressful alternative to lining up in crowded malls waiting for a brief encounter with a fake-bearded Santa. This is an ideal option for children with sensory processing or social interaction challenges, or for those who simply prefer to enjoy Santa one-on-one from the convenience of home.

Brought to you by, the “BELIEVING IN SANTA EXPERTS”, at PackageFromSanta.com.


Cynthia Tait

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