Are Natural Remedies Really Trustworthy?

Are Natural Remedies Really Trustworthy?

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As more of us than ever turn away from the heavy use of medications, the rise of natural remedies for all manner of health complaints has been frankly astounding. Once the reserve of hippies and earthy types, natural solutions including essential oils, herbs, and practices like acupressure are certainly enjoying their time in the sun. But how trustworthy are they?

After all, unlike tried and tested medications that require approval from the FDA, natural remedies can now be suggested by anyone with an internet connection.

This can get dangerous, as well as not necessarily providing the solutions you need. That’s by no means to say that natural remedies can’t work, but it does mean that it’s always worth considering the right approach to solutions like this before you can ensure the best possible results.

Luckily, there are a few different ways to do this, and we’re going to consider them here.

# 1 – Research using trusted resources

Research is crucial before taking any medication, but natural remedies that are largely untested in the medical world especially require ample research across trusted resources.

It’s especially worth considering things like previous studies and possible side effects using well-established medical resources like Medical News Today. That way, you can better understand what you might gain vs any unpleasant results of usage before it’s too late.

# 2 – Make remedies yourself

Given the scope of the natural remedy market, it’s now possible to buy everything from herb tablets to essential oil sprays and more online. The trouble is that, far from the natural roots advertised, many of these products hide unwelcome ingredients, often against your knowledge.

This can prove dangerous, and there’s no need to put yourself at risk like that considering it’s entirely possible to make the majority of natural remedies at home. After all, whether you’re making lavender bags or brewing something like this elderberry syrup recipe from The Butter Half, their accessibility is the best joy of natural ingredients.

As well as saving you money, taking control of your natural remedies like this can especially help you to stay far safer with solutions that only ever contain things you’re aware of.

# 3 – Don’t be afraid to seek medical advice

While most medical professionals would refrain from advising you to pursue a natural remedy as a go-to treatment course, they also understand natural solutions far better than most. Doctors with access to the latest medical studies and adaptations are certainly in the best position to advise whether a natural solution is a good idea.

Furthermore, speaking to your doctor before taking a natural remedy can see you getting personalized advice based on your current condition and how natural solutions might interfere with existing medications. As a result, you’ll be far better able to make informed, safe decisions about whether or not natural remedies are really right or even safe for you.

Natural remedies are changing the face of at-home treatments, but are you using them in a way that you can truly trust?

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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