4 Benefits of Summer Camp

4 Benefits of Summer Camp

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By Rachelle Wilbur

Once your child is done with another school year, they are of course looking forward to having some time over the summer to unwind and have some fun with their friends. If you are like many other parents, this may include having your child attend summer camp for a few weeks. Considered by many parents to be a rite of passage for their kids, attending camp can bring with it many benefits. When you start talking to your child about possible camps they can attend, here are some benefits you can mention.

Making New Friends

Perhaps most of all, attending camp gives your child the chance to make many new friends. More than likely, you still stay in touch with some friends you made when you attended camp years ago. Once your child keeps up the family tradition, chances are they too will form friendships that may last a lifetime.

Learning New Skills

When attending summer camp, your child will be able to learn many new skills. This can be learning how to build a campfire, shoot a bow and arrow, paddle a canoe, or maybe arts and crafts. Whatever the case may be, learning new skills such as these may be the catalyst to your child discovering a hidden talent.

Learning to be Independent

When your child is away at camp, it will be natural for them to be a little homesick. However, as each day goes by, they will also learn to become a bit more independent, which is a good thing. By gaining some independence, they will see just how much they can accomplish on their own.

Increased Self-Confidence

Your child will attend summer camp and finds themselves making new friends and discovering hidden talents. Then they will return home as a child who has a much higher level of self-confidence than they did when they left. No matter the age of your child, having more confidence in themselves will be beneficial in many ways. As an example, once the summer is over, having more confidence can often result in better grades. It could even result in performing better at sports or other activities.

Since there are many summer camps your child can attend. It is always good to get a head start on making this decision. Once your child heads off for a few weeks of summer fun with the other children, they may return home as a kid who is brimming with confidence. They may even have a whole array of new friends.

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