How to Put Your Health First Before the Holidays

How to Put Your Health First Before the Holidays

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The holidays are coming and as exciting as it is, sometimes people will indulge a bit too much and put themselves in unhealthy situations and then plan to go cold turkey in the new year which never pans out.

Put things in place beforehand

and don’t use times in the year to start new traditions and habits. The best way to incorporate healthy habits is to slowly add them in. By making them part of your daily life and habits they are more likely to stick.

The holidays can be a time filled with overeating, drinking, and normally a lot of stress. It can be a horrible time for some people especially if they have battles of their own they are facing. It is the perfect time to get yourself sorted for the holidays. Look for treatment local to you like looking for treatment in california if you live there and need help with a drinking problem for example. 

The holidays also bring a whole lot of stress.

Especially with the way the economy is at the moment. People are struggling to know if they can even afford Christmas presents and everything that goes along with it.

Although there are some things that we cannot change, it’s best to battle the stress we have and minimize it as much as possible. The best way to do this is to make a list of everything that is stressing you out and worrying you.

Cross out the things that you can’t control

and deal with the things that you can control. If you’re worried about buying family members Christmas presents, maybe opt for a homemade gift this year, whether it’s homemade cookies, a salt dough handprint from the kids, or even a knitted scarf. The possibilities are endless so just use your imagination.

One of the other things to make sure you’re looking after during the holiday season Is your eating habits. So many companies and shops bring out mountains of treats, chocolates, cakes, and everything else.

It can be very easy to indulge in all the treats,

but it’s not healthy and especially during the winter period when there are a lot of bugs and sickness around. You want to make sure you’re eating nutrient-dense foods and giving your body everything it needs to get through the colder months.

A great tip for this is to eat seasonally. During the winter months, root vegetables are in season, full of goodness, and you can make some really hearty comfort food dishes that are still healthy. Think casseroles, soups, and even curries if you want to add a bit of spice to it.

The winter brings a lot of periods of feeling down,

we have less sunlight, we make fewer plans, and there is always a bug going around, so taking some time to look after our needs is vital. Try to look for a cosy aspect of the season such as twinkly lights, healthy comfort food, getting all snuggled up with a hot chocolate in a blanket, and watching a feel-good movie. 

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