Have You Tried Turkish Munchies?

Have You Tried Turkish Munchies?

I received a “Celebration Edition” Snack Box ($29.95 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

These are fun international treats by Turkish Munchies worth trying with the whole family!

The box I received is their celebration edition. Fun and festive! My girls also had a blast trying out the snacks. We had a fun sampling and rating session for the munchies.

Before I share our results, here is a list of what was inside our box:

Kat Kat Tat:

Croissant-ish pastry in Turkish style filled with yummy goodness inside.

Poti Cakes:

Comes in carrot, coconut, fruit, or chocolate flavored. Puffy goodness!

Badem Cracker:

A classic type of cracker that takes you back to your childhood.


Hot, cheesy, herby, and more flavors. Crispy snack goodness.

Krispi Tirtikli:

Much like a cross between crackers and chips. You decide!


A wafer snack that is filled with cream that is richer and moist.


These little crackers that are pizza flavored are a hit. Fun Fact: These Turkish snacks hit the scene when Ninja Turtles started to screen on TV. Initially, all pizza shops were a failure in the 90’s in the Turkish market as the people didn’t like it.


Chocolate and peanut flavors in a crispy wafer. This snack is considered to be the youngest member of the box. =)

Browni Cake:

They have a classic cake with plan and cherry infused goodness options. The chocolate flavor sets itself apart from others. Turkish people like to use this treat as a birthday cake.

Ozmo Tube:

Ozmo is a Simpson-like character in Turkey. The liquid chocolate is great on bread, pretzels, or straight into the mouth. It’s a fun option to spark your creativity for snack!

Biscolata Mood:

Chocolate bomb type cookies. Each one has a small picture. They come with 30 different fortunes.


Greta is the Aegean representative of the Turkish snacking world.  It represents a tradition spanning way back to Greek police cities which is now a Turkish soil.


This is considered to be one of the oldest snacks in the market. It is light chocolate for casual snacking. May be great for dipping into a cup of tea or coffee. Be creative!

Eksi Yuz:

A surprise awaits you within the first ten seconds of chewing.


This candy has a surprise waiting for you as soon as you pop them in your mouth. It’s an “explosion” in your mouth. 😉

Bebeto Jelly Gum:

This is jelly gum in the shape of your favorite fast food? Pizza and cola anyone?

Turkish Delight:

A classic family confection based on gel of starch and sugar. This treat was known to be produced in Turkey as early as the late 1700s. It pairs well with Turkish coffee.

Nutzz Party:

Nuts, popped corn kernels, and ball-shaped chips all covered with herb mix, either cheddar, onion, or burning hot. Small bite sizes make it perfect when on the go!


This yummy, sweet cherry treat is meant to chew, chew, chew. Don’t swallow it whole, enjoy the sweet goodness as it melts in your mouth.

Caramel Waffle:

These caramel waffles are most attributed to Belgium and Holland. It’s a Turkish delicacy and a must-try!

Mystery Snack:

They sometimes include a mystery snack that is not on the leaflet. You are in luck if you have one. If not, no mystery snack is better than what you have eaten so far.

The results of the most favorite snack in the box?

The Browni Cake, Pizza crackers, Eksi Yuz, and Ozmo Tube! Those were the biggest hits. All the rest were great too. It was hard to decide which was our ultimate favorites. Turkish Munchies knows how to set themselves apart from other flavors of foods and treats we may typically eat on a daily basis.

Each Turkish Munchies box includes a nifty snack description leaflet describing the snack and origin, much like I mentioned above per snack.

The front of the leaflet tells you how to read hints and offers ideas for beverages that go best with the snacks such as Turkish coffee, milk, soda, and more!

I would like to thank the folks over at Turkish Munchies for providing my family with a box of snacks to try! We highly recommend this snacking experience for the whole family. It’s so fun trying out flavors we are not used to eating every day! It definitely brought extra flavor to our snacking.

If you would like to learn more about Turkish Munchies and stay up to date, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook!









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