Tooth Fairy Certificate by Smilebox

Tooth Fairy Certificate by Smilebox

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Tooth Fairy Certificate from Smilebox

Two of my sweet girls have lost their share of teeth these past few months, but this mom thinks that money under the pillow is so overrated.  What? Really? Haha!

Instead of money under the pillow, the girls are allowed a toy or item of their choice out of the dollar bins at Target.  They seemed to like this idea over getting money instead, but of course every child is different and may prefer money under their pillow.  I know I always enjoyed it.

I have also been brainstorming other fun ideas to change it up a bit.  I came across this adorable customized Tooth Fairy Certificate by Smilebox.

“The tooth fairy takes flight, and a lost tooth becomes official, in this sweet certificate. Choose a color scheme, and enter all the toothy details. Email, post to Facebook, or print.”

You can customize a tooth fairy certificate for a boy or a girl in the colors of pink, blue, or dark gray.

Parents get to choose from over 2,000 songs or even add your own to make it even more fun exciting.

You can simply print your tooth fairy certificate from home, send through an email, or even post to Facebook.  It can easily be saved as a JPG right on your laptop or computer as well.

The certificates are free unless you do the premium design plan.  You must sign up for a Smilebox account to make your tooth fairy certificate.  It’s free to do so.

I think my girls would love this so I am thinking of making out their tooth fairy certificates through Smilebox from now on. It’s such a cute and rewarding yet simple idea that kids would truly love and even appreciate.

If you still do the money under the pillow idea, the certificate would be a great thing to add to their adventure.

Lindsey Jenn

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