Time For Kids: X-WHY-Z {Book Review}

Time For Kids: X-WHY-Z {Book Review}

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I received a copy of X-Why-Z to review in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Have you noticed that approximately at age three most little ones start asking the question “why” to practically everything? They want to know why this and why that.  Ever get stumped on trying to find the right answer?  Here’s a little solution:

Time Home Entertainment Inc. and TIME For Kids Present:  X-Why-Z.  A fabulous new release geared towards the 4-6 year old market.  This “Why” book addresses more than 200 questions, accompanied by colorful photos and vibrant illustrations.

This hardcover 96-page book delivers answers to questions ranging from the human body to animals and history.  Question examples….Why do skunks stink or Why is the Grand Canyon so large?  This book will answer tons of common questions for your kiddos and also inspire more questions.


My first personal experience reading the book to my “just turned” four year old son was a little overwhelming and long for him.  He loved the colorful pages and pictures, but it was too much for him, but he’s on the young side.  Now my 12 year old read the book to my son also and she totally LOVED all the information.  All kiddos are on different levels in learning and I can see where that plays a huge roll in this book.  My son needs another year or so to be right in the swing of things and enjoying everything this book has to offer.

On a parent’s prospective, I loved seeing more difficult word pronunciations and the simplicity of the answers.

All in all, I think this is a great book.  I loved that it is hardcover for this age group as they are a little more rough and tumble.  All the bright, clear pictures and large heading made it an easy read.  I look forward to seeing my son grow into this book and my older daughter continue to pick it up on occasion and review.

Thank you Caroline Capute from Goodman Media International Inc. to allow us (Michigan Mom Living and myself) to review this new release.

You can currently purchase Time for Kids X-Why-Z on Amazon for $11.43 Hardcover.

Cynthia Tait

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