REVIEW! Staying Organized with The Sash Bag

Okay Michigan moms, who is tired of carrying around bulky purses or handbags to busy places such as the movies, zoo, amusement park, etc?  I know this can become old and there just has to be an easier way. Guess what?  There is!  I was recently introduced to an awesome product that I think will catch on very quickly in the days ahead.  The Sash Bag! But this isn’t your ordinary handbag.

I think if you got your hands on it, it may only be the one you will ever want to use.  It’s definitely handy as it keeps so many important items organized yet in a lean manner.  I love that the Sash Bag is reversible.  I received the one in Expresso, and absolutely love it.  I have worn it to three separate places: The movies, dinner, and to jury duty!  It’s also ideal for making your daily business errands.

As you can see in the image above, there are literally places for everything without cluttering out your purse and causing it to be bulky.  What can you conveniently carry in the Sash?

  • Business Cards
  • Sunglasses
  • Keys, Pen
  • Cards, Cash
  • Chapstick, Lipgloss
  • Cell phone, Passport

The best part about the Sash Bag is it can be worn like its name, {like a sash}.  You almost feel like you aren’t wearing anything as it lies gently on your hip.  I did an extra test to see how great it is, so I sat in the driver seat with my seat belt.  It didn’t even get in the way.  So awesome.  It’s very lightweight.  Definitely a clever invention for all of the busy moms out there.

I am considering a couple more colors so that I can coordinate with outfits.  I just love my Sash Bag and highly recommend it to all moms out there.   Now, it’s not ideal if you are out with baby as you need your diaper bag handy, but this is great for date nights and beyond. 

This mommy LOVES her Sash Bag!  If interested in it for yourself or as a gift, visit

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Images courtesy of The Sash Bag

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Lindsey Jenn

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