Send iTunes Gifts to Favorite Customers and Clients

Apple iTunes
Business moms, do you have an advertiser, sponsor, customer, client, etc., you would like to send a gift to?  What about something from the iTune store?  It’s modern and many people use iTunes for a variety of reasons.  Who doesn’t like music, right?

When I am working at home I utilize my iTunes when I get a chance.  It’s nice to have some music to help you get through your work day.  It definitely helps brighten a mood even if it causes a slight distraction….haha. 

I love sending iTunes gifts to family members and friends, but never considered it for a favorite client, etc.  What a great idea!  I currently do virtual assistant work for an awesome woman and I think she would love this.

What are your thoughts?  Would you send an iTunes gift certificate as a business gift?

Lindsey Jenn

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