Earn 150 Dollars Per Referral When you Join WordPress Hosting as an Affiliate

Calling all Michigan moms!  Are you looking to earn some extra income?  Have you ever considered becoming an affiliate for a company such as WordPress Hosting?

Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program and receive a minimum of $150 per referral! 

Wow, that sounds amazing doesn’t it?  Now don’t get me wrong, it takes work and dedication to refer someone to the program, but if your business is up and running you can promote this offer right on your site with banners.  Have a business blog?  Promote WordPress Engine with links and banners much like what I am doing right now in this post.

You definitely don’t have anything to lose, but something to potentially gain for sure.  That is what is nice about affiliate programs especially if you know how to utilize them and have a large following whether it’s customers, clients, or even just readers.

How does it work?  Simply sign your online business website or blog for the program.  Once approved you can start promoting them.  When another business or individual signs up under you as an affiliate, you will earn $150 for that referral.  If you referred 10 people in one week, you could earn $1,500.00.  Wow, nice, right?  Seems so easy, but yet it’s all in how you find the right people that are interested in this type of program for their own business.

Would you utilize an affiliate program such as this for your business?  What are your thoughts?

Lindsey Jenn

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