Become a Jewelry in Candles Rep for Free! {Free Offer Has Ended}

Become a Jewelry in Candles Rep for Free! {Free Offer Has Ended}


**UPDATE:  The free offer to sign up as a Jewelry in Candles Rep is now over.  But, it is only $29.95 for a representative sign up kit.  This is a great deal!  I will be ordering mine shortly.  Can’t wait!

Original free offer below…..

Are you looking for ways to make extra money for the holidays?  Not long ago I did a product review on a Jewelry in Candles item and absolutely fell in love with the scents.  Jewelry is always a bonus too.

The Rep that allowed me to review a candle for the blog, informed me that it is currently free to sign up to be a Jewelry in Candles Rep.  No start-up costs, website fees, quotas, etc.  I jumped on board this opportunity as I think it’s great to not have that kind of pressure yet be free to run your business in the way you see fit.

Since I love promoting products here on the blog, it made sense to sign up and promote through my Jewelry in Candles business: Candle-icious!

If you sign up as a Rep before November 15th, you will not have to purchase a start up kit.  After the 15th, you will be required to purchase a kit to run your business effectively. If you love doing parties, etc., then this would be a perfect fit for you.  Since I will be running my parties, promotions, etc. online, I was eager to get in before having to purchase a kit.  I am, however, thinking of getting some samples to carry in my purse along with business cards to pass out when I am out and about.  After you sign up, if you get others in your downline, you earn commissions off of their sales and so forth.  Definitely worth a shot, right?

Are you ready to sign up as a Jewelry in Candles Rep?  Click here!

Lindsey Jenn

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