Moms and Kids Both Stylish in Eco-Friendly G Wear T-Shirts – The Perfect Fit for Earth Day Layouts

Moms and Kids Both Stylish in Eco-Friendly G Wear T-Shirts – The Perfect Fit for Earth Day Layouts

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G Wear Kids Line

Have you ever heard of G Wear?  They have launched a Kid’s Line to appeal to fans everywhere. Kids are now on the road to being stylish and eco-friendly just like many of you moms out there.  Here is some more info regarding the launch of the Kid’s Line:

“Using t-shirts as a “canvas” and recycled t’s as stitched-appliques, G Wear creates designs that allow the wearer to communicate a relaxed style all their own, with no two shirts being alike prices range from $44 to $74 for adults and start at $34 for kids. Guests visiting the website can pick their favorite design, shirt color, and style, reflecting their own personality.”

“G Wear is also a socially conscious brand and recognizes the need to give back to those in need, on a local and national level. Their largest partnerships are with Make-A-Wish North Texas Foundation, the Emmitt Smith Foundation and the Lopez Foundation.”

About G Wear

G Wear began in 2008 as the vision of a local Ft. Worth, Texas eco- friendly fashion designer, Stanley Jackson and was acquired by Dallas businessman Wilson in late 2011 after having an appreciation for Jackson’s talent and unique style. In addition to working with the Pat and Emmit Smith Foundation, the Lopez Foundation and various non-profits across the country, G Wear’s passion for giving back takes root in its ongoing partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas. Along with maintaining and eco-friendly foundation with organic cottons and recycling T’s G Wear is always looking towards the future – creating new designs monthly and developing new products each year.


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