Veggie-Dyed Easter Eggs Project

Veggie-Dyed Easter Eggs Project

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ST LYNN'S PRESS A Garden to Dye for Cover
Photo Credit: A Garden to Dye For

Here’s a fun Easter egg project for the whole family from the upcoming A Garden To Dye For by Chris McLaughlin.

Below are veggie-dyed Easter Eggs using onion skins, berries, turmeric, beets, red cabbage, etc. The colors that veggie-dying creates on eggs is amazing!

Photo Credit: A Garden to Dye For

Share with your children, the importance for veggies and also how they can be used to create such beautiful dyes for Easter eggs. No more buying over-the-counter dye kits when you know going to the produce isle will yield the same results. Look at the blues and turquoise of these beautiful eggs below.

Photo Credit: A Garden to Dye For

For full details on how to veggie dye Easter eggs, click link below.

Veggie Dyed Easter Eggs

Don’t these look amazing? I would love to try this alternative with my girls this year.  Something different to mix things up a little bit.  Have you ever tried dying Easter eggs with vegetables?  If you have, please feel free to share your experiences with us.

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