Talking Pajamas Transform Bedtime Storytelling for Kids!

Talking Pajamas Transform Bedtime Storytelling for Kids!

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Now that schools are letting out and the sound of happy children are in the air, it’s time to plan summer fun and activities.

Believe it or not, some of this summer fun even includes new Smart PJ’s.  Smart PJ’s are the “world’s first and only patented interactive storytelling pajamas for kids.”

Wow, right?  Talking pajamas?  Have you ever heard such a thing?  It’s true!

This is all done by scanable QR Codes you see on real estate signs, etc.  How so?  Inventor, Juan Murdoch, a realtor himself and father of six, thought that if his clients could scan codes on signs and read stories about properties, than why couldn’t his family scan codes on pj’s and read bedtime stories?  How brilliant is this?

His idea came into full fruition two years and two patents later.  Smart PJ’s was born.

“As parents, we understand how important a bedtime story and a quality pair of pj’s are for kids, so we combine both into one fun and easy product that kids and parents love”, says Mr. Murdoch (Smart PJ’s Founder & President).  “Bringing families together in joy, love, and happiness through extraordinary storytelling is what we’re all about.”

I’m definitely loving the concept so far, how about you?  You may be happy to know that Smart PJ’s come in kids’ sizes 1-9 in boys and girls styles and are easy to use.   Simply download the FREE Smart PJ’s storytelling apps from GooglePlay or iTunes, then use a smartphone or tablet to scan the pajama’s polka dots and presto!  A story is revealed.  More than 90  stories, nursery rhymes, and animal adventures away you on every pair.

Boys 5-7


“At the end-literally, Smart PJ’s are wearable fun for the entire family!” adds Mr. Murdoch.

Smart PJ’s LLC. is the maker of the world’s first and only patented interactive storytelling pajamas for kids.  Smart PJ pajamas are sold exclusively online at, and

Wear happy!


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