Rock Star Family Fun with Geeh, the Band

Rock Star Family Fun with Geeh, the Band

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Geeh, The Band is a group of virtual rock stars who perform music geared towards kids and tweens. Each song sends a positive message, has appropriate lyrics, is original and has a great beat. Geeh strives to be role models for their listeners. They released their second studio album, Fierce, in 2014 and their newest single, “We’ll Make the World Shine,” is climbing upthe Billboard charts.

The band is made up of seven members- Up, Cue, Mid, Groove, Loop, Melody, and Tune- who are not only up to date with the current trends, but also educate the younger generations on how to be the best person they can be. Their music videos can be found online and encourage parents to sing along with their children to create some bonding time.

Geeh is the perfect ‘activity’ to hold your child’s attention while also promoting new learning styles. Parents and kids can create online avatars on Geeh’s website, download their app to stay in touch and even follow them on Facebook to follow all of their amazing adventures!

Founder Alfonso Soto, a dad with concerns over which music artists his kids were looking up to, created Geeh, The Band to put his and other parents minds at ease. He has launched a nationwide singing contest to give young, undiscovered stars a shot at fame!

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Entering the contest is easy- just record and upload a 60-second video of your little rockstar singing Geeh’s “We’ll Make the World Shine” to Vimeo or YouTube and submit the entry form on Seven lucky winners will be chosen to sing on Geeh’s new album scheduled to launch in 2015! Videos must be submitted by June 20.


Finalists will be announced July 11 and winners will be notified July 28. Users can publically vote July 14 to July 27 for their favorite!

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