#JuggleBubbles Activity Kit {Review}

I received a Juggle Bubbles activity kit to review in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Are you ready to have some bubble fun with Juggle Bubbles?  My girls were ecstatic to try this as they had apparently seen it on a commercial, lol!  “Oh yay, mommy! This is awesome.  Can’t wait to try it.” {Squeals and joy all around}.  It’s the simple things, right?

While my hubby was away on a business trip, I packed my girls up and we went for a sleepover at my parents house.  They live on beautiful 13 acres out in the country.  I of course took this opportunity to bring our Juggle Bubble kit as well.  Have you heard of it?

It is the “bubble activity kit featuring a no-pop solution that will allow your child to bounce, toss, and juggle bubbles without the bubble bursting.”

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Looking at the box, I was thinking “how in the world could a bubble not pop when you handle it?”  The Juggle Bubble kit includes a bubble blower, bubble tray, unique bubble solution, and a pair of magic gloves to juggle and pass each bubble.  Simple to use, the activity kit requires you to dip wide end of the Bubble Blower into the special solution, blow into the blower to create the bubble and then toss the bubble around or let it bounce off of your or your child’s hands with the Juggle Bubbles magic gloves.

“The bubble solution will provide hours of entertainment for your children, inside or out.”

Now the true test…..it’s out of the box and ready to try!

My oldest Kelly was the first to give Juggle Bubbles a shot… So far so good!

Time for my youngest Bethany to give it a shot….

My middle daughter Lyssa gave it a blow and mommy caught it!

The commercial shows kids passing the bubble around with the magic gloves and even making them change shapes.  This all can be done, but very gently.  This we learned when my 5 year old would dive for the bubbles or swat them.  The gloves allow you to bounce them, pass them, etc., without popping.  Pretty cool, right?  I had a video I had taken of the girls demonstrating the Juggle Bubble with the gloves, but for some reason it did not turn out, boo.  But here is another video by Juggle Bubbles to give you an idea of how it all works.

Juggle Bubbles can be purchased for $10.00 plus shipping and handling and are available at www.jugglebubbles.com.



Lindsey Jenn

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  1. Cute concept — I’ve never heard of these before and have bubble-obsessed kiddos! I’ll have to add this to my future present idea list for them 🙂

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