Kiss those Knots and Tangles Goodbye with Fairy Tales {Review}

Kiss those Knots and Tangles Goodbye with Fairy Tales {Review}

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I received samples of Fairy Tales detangling shampoo, conditioner, and spray in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


If you have a little girl with long hair, most likely you battle those nasty tangles and knots on a daily basis.  With three girls, this is a definite headache.  My main hair struggle however is with my 8-year-old.  She has long and thick hair like her momma and if not maintained daily, it goes beyond tangles and knots and turns into all out rat’s nests.  It’s not pretty and with it comes sad tales and tears.  How many parents can relate so far?  Obviously, this can also apply to all hair types, boys too.

When Fairy Tales presented me with their detangling products to review here on the blog, I jumped on board right away.  I am one desperate mom when it comes to kids and hair care.  They sent me their Super-Charged Detangling Spray, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

The scent is yummy and very kid friendly.  My girls love all three products.  But do they work?  I am so thrilled to say YES!  My 8-year-old happened to have a nightmare of a rat’s nest and I was convinced nothing could save her hair and I would have to chop her hair.  Remembering that I was sent Fairy Tales, we first washed thoroughly with the shampoo.  Right afterwards we used the conditioner and let it sit for quite some time before rinsing.  I was getting discouraged as nothing appeared to be happening or breaking apart.  Finally after washing and conditioning I generously sprayed the rat’s nest and rest of hair and waited.  I started combing gently and the hair began separating with ease.  It saved her hair! I didn’t have to cut it, yay!  Also, there weren’t as many tears and pain. I had one happy 8-year-old.  She loves her princess length hair and was devastated to learn I might have to chop some of it off.  Fairy Tales saved the day and made mommy look good. 😉  Thanks for that Fairy Tales….ha!

The Super-Charged spray, shampoo, and conditioner are infused with “natural keratin to strengthen and provitamins that detangle.”  It does not contain dairy, gluten or nut oil which is a huge plus.  It is said to be great for all ages and hair types.  Since I have thick and long hair, I might just have to give it a try.  I tend to get nasty tangles and knots too. =(

You can currently purchase Fairy Tales detangling products on their website or Amazon.

I would like to thank the folks over at Fairy Tales for the opportunity to try out their products.  You have saved our hair and no more tears!

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