Indoor Kid Activities to Chase Away the Winter Blues


With the cold and snow it’s not always fun and games. The blues can certainly start to kick in, but there are ways to banish those blues when you are sick of being stuck indoors.

Make a Fort

This is a fun old-fashioned activity but never grows old with the younger crowd. Make a fort using couch cushions, blankets, boxes, etc. This is a chance to get the kids’ creative juices flowing. Maybe have a fort competition. Who can build the best fort?

Impromptu Baking/Cooking

Give the kiddies each their own list of ingredients. They will have to make something creative using those ingredients and others that will help round out the recipe if they so choose. This can be like your own episode of “Kids Chopped” on the Food Network. If the stove or oven will be allowed, make sure there is adult supervision at all times. This also includes knives, etc.

For more fun indoor winter activities, visit my guest post over at Tyler Chevrolet Cadillac Automotive.

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