“Laughing Moms” are Back and Taking on the Weight Loss World in their Newest Parody of Taylor Swift’s Hit Song

“Laughing Moms” are Back and Taking on the Weight Loss World in their Newest Parody of Taylor Swift’s Hit Song


Have you heard of the Laughing Moms?  Here is some amusing info that was just sent over.  Check it out:

NEWS/Dallas, TX. – With a society telling us that “Skinny” is better, men and women all over the world are running out to get the next “big” weight loss products.  Whether it is surgical weight loss, supplements or exercise equipment, if it’s on the market consumers are willing to buy it and try it!


With studies showing  that more women are buying into the weight loss game verses men, the “Laughing Moms” decided to shine a little humor on a subject that women around the world know too well….Weight loss!

The Laughing Moms are releasing their newest parody today, where they are putting a new spin on the hit song “Style” by Taylor Swift with a parody all about the dreaded weight loss shenanigans we all do. Their new parody is called “New Lifestyle.”  In this parody they are talking all about some of the popular diet fads from Meal planning, Forks over Knives, Green Smoothies, Crossfit, Deer Antler Spray and so many more!

All women have been there and desperately tried the newest weight loss fad, no matter how outrageous it is! The “Laughing Moms” hope this parody will bring some humor to a sensitive and frustrating issue women and many moms especially deal with on a regular basis.

The “Laughing Moms” Eden Morris and Alisha Merrick have already recorded dozens of viral parodies of other popular songs and artists including: Bruno Mars, Uptown funk, Echosmith, Meghan Trainor, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Chris Brown, Busta Rymes and more.  These are just the beginning of what this mommy duo will be bringing you!

To view all of their popular videos please visit their website http://laughingmoms.com/parodies/

No Song is Safe and No Mommy Topic off Limits.

About Laughing Moms: www.laughingmoms.com

Laughing Moms by Alisha found Eden is THE place for all moms who like to laugh.  Dads can come by too, and grandmas and grandpas, and anybody else who can appreciate the humor we find in our beloved roles as mothers!  When it comes to laughing or crying as we face the challenges of motherhood, we’d much rather laugh!  Here, we write our stories, we blog, we create parodies based on real life experiences, we craft, and we share the funny moments of other moms out in this big, crazy world.  If you have a funny story, a funny video, a funny meme, a funny picture or have come across one on the web, please share with us!  If chosen, we will share your funnies on our blog so all can laugh together!  Let’s change the world together, one laugh (and one diaper) at a time!

*Image courtesy of Laughing Moms

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