Earn Your Tooth Fairy Wings for National Tooth Fairy Day 8/22

Earn Your Tooth Fairy Wings for National Tooth Fairy Day 8/22
This Just In……Some of these are just cute ideas if you like to have fun with your kiddies when they lose a tooth and playing the tooth fairy. 😉
Whether it’s pushed, wiggled or pulled, losing that first baby tooth brings with it a visit from the tooth fairy, which is a big deal in any home; so many parents want to get it right. But what if you’ve never played tooth fairy before? How do you set the right precedent to make it special?  :DentalPlans, a leading provider of dental savings plans, an affordable alternative to dental insurance for families, has some creative advice for enjoying this important rite of passage to earn your official tooth fairy wings, so you’ll be an old pro in no time.
“The average child will lose 20 teeth in their lifetime and it’s a great time to reinforce the importance of good dental health and tooth-brushing,” says Bill Chase, vice president of marketing for :DentalPlans.  “Educating and engaging children about good oral health habits now can be vital to their health and happiness as adults.”
:DentalPlans offers these tips on how to make a visit from the tooth fairy special:
Make it Magical:  After you leave the money or gift under your child’s pillow, leave glitter sparkles or “fairy dust” along their pillow in bright-colored sparkles.  Explain to your child that some magical fairy dust must have fallen off of the tooth fairy’s wings.
Pretty Package:  Enclose the money or small gift in a special sack, like vellum or a see-through
Crinkle gift bag, complete with ribbon to give that extra element of wonder.  In addition, the memory of that first visit can be commemorated by a special note or certificate. [Free download]
Make a Mark:  If your child is an ultra sound sleeper, leave a feather mark (complete with face paint) on their cheek, or a trail left behind by a somewhat messy tooth fairy. This can add to the element of fun and make it a magical moment for your child.
Make it Fun:  Kids can learn more about oral health by downloading fun activities and crafts at the :DentalPlans project center located here. The page contains dental-related games and crafts that will have children smiling and learning in a fun way!
  1. Healthy Smiles Coloring Book: Teach kids how to take care of their teeth with our Healthy Smiles Coloring Book. Children can color while learning the steps to a healthy smile on each page. And at the end of the book is a “Smile Award” to reward them for taking care of their teeth by brushing and flossing regularly.  [Free download]
  2. Origami Tooth Fairy Envelope: Children can print out this easy-to-make origami tooth envelope to hold their lost teeth for the tooth fairy. You’ll find instructions and pictures, plus, a tooth fairy-patterned printout to make your envelope. This activity can help lessen the fear of losing a tooth, and get children excited for the tooth fairy’s arrival. [Free download]
  3. Smile Word Search: Look backwards, forwards, up, down and diagonally for dental terms, like “brush,” “floss,” and “smile” to remind kids of the importance of dental care, while challenging them with our Smile Word Search. [Free download]
  4. Tooth Dress-Up: Grab a pair of safety scissors and some glue to dress up a tooth! Kids can accessorize their tooth printout with eyes, hats, mustaches and more, and show them off to the family, or on your refrigerator at home. [Free download]
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