JCFilms Presents….Uncommon {DVD Review}


JCFilms presents…Uncommon…an inspiring movie that teaches teens the pursuit of religious liberties.

Movie Details:

After losing his brother to a senseless act of violence, Aaron Chase (Ben Davies) moves to start a new life.  His new life encompasses an atheist high school teacher who adamantly expresses to students that school has no place for religion.  As Aaron tries to pursue a bible study and praying in school, the heat begins to build from this teacher.

As the school year begins, the students lose their drama department due to budget cuts.  The students then decide to create their own under the supervision of Mr. Garcia (Erik Estrada).  Tensions heighten from the students as they cannot seem to decide on a production.  Until….it’s decided upon to make a modern take on the Bible for their production.

The teens are then led to explore their religious liberties.  With the help of expert legal counsel, these teens fight for their religious freedom.

My Review:

Uncommon was a very good encouraging Christian movie.  It wasn’t full of a lot of hype and fluff that a lot of highly advertised movies have and it just told a really good story about healing, forgiveness, and rooting for the underdog.  It also touches a little on being bullied. All in all, it was also was an eye opener for me, as a parent, to think there are more religious restrictions in schools.  My family personally lives in a rural area and so we don’t see as much backlash against religion in schools, but this shared a huge awareness of what is out there.

This dramatic film is not rated and highly recommended for audiences teens to adults.  There was brief violence at the beginning of the movie and also during some scenes with upset students wanting to start a fight.  This movie had no language issues.  There was also brief content on death and grief.

Runtime: 106 minutes

Highly recommended family movie for households with teens and it also would make a great movie for a Youth Group “Movie Night”.

To watch the movie trailer or to purchased this DVD, go to http://www.uncommonfilm.com.

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