October is National Bully Prevention Month – Charlie’s Birthday Wish {Book Review}

October is National Bully Prevention Month – Charlie’s Birthday Wish {Book Review}


The Golden Rule….”One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” A rule that is something so easy to do, yet so easy to forget.

Charlie has a big day coming up – his birthday! The big question is…..will anyone come to Charlie’s birthday party? Maybe, maybe not? Charlie is a bully and he realizes the consequences of those he has been unkind to. Once Charlie realizes he may be alone at his birthday party, he has a change of heart to those whom he bullied. Will Charlie be alone at his birthday party or will he earn those friendships back? Written from the viewpoint of Charlie, Charlie’s Birthday Wish, teaches children to consider how bullies can be misunderstood, remorseful and possibly forgiven. Charlie’s Birthday Wish by Rene Micka is available in print and e-book format and can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online booksellers beginning Oct 30th.

As a young girl Rene knew her future would be determined by how much she was prepared to do for herself. Having little in life did not deter her from dreaming big and making plans. Where there were obstacles, she saw hope and opportunity. After paying her way through college, she received Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. Her years spent working with children of all ages as a substitute teacher and full-time as a 4th grade school teacher offered her great insight into the social challenges of today’s youth.

Experiences, both in the classroom and in her personal life, inspired her tackle some of these social issues using children’s literature. She believes books provide a portal into children’s imagination and offer a safe way to initiate conversations that promote the message the story is telling. The publication of her first book, Charlie’s Birthday Wish (Mirror Publishing 2014) is a triumph to her childhood ambitions. The dreams she allowed herself to dream, served as a catalyst to the successes she enjoys today. Connect with Rene Micka at http://www.betterdaybooks.net.

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