The Penny Hoarder: Money-Saving Expert Kyle Taylor: Maximize Your Spending Budget During the Holiday Season {Interview}

Kyle Taylor

Believe it or not….121 million people shopped on Cyber Monday!

Are you looking to save some $ this Christmas Season? Check out my recent interview with Money-Saving Expert Kyle Taylor. Kyle has some great tips regarding:

*How to stay within your shopping budget

*When to shop for the best deals

*How to maximize your credit card spending

*How to save on the small items…wrapping paper, cards, bows, etc

*How to save on shipping

Kyle also discusses online and store shopping trend changes.

Click here for the complete interview.


More about Kyle Taylor:

Kyle Taylor and his family like to joke that his entrepreneurial spirit began when he was 8 years old. His dad worked for a large credit card processor so there were always old terminals and cash registers lying around the house. Instead of playing with “Power Rangers” like the rest of his friends, Kyle used playtime to try and convince family members to invest in his conglomerate of make-believe banks and equity markets that he was running in the living room. When he was 15 Taylor started clipping coupons to help his mom pay the grocery bill. He joined a few coupon trading groups and started vigorously looking for new ways to cut costs. The grocery bill quickly fell until it was under $20 a week. Since then he has used non-traditional methods of saving and earning money to help pay for rising tuition bills, car payments and rent, all the while never having to answer to a boss. After much encouragement from friends and family, he decided to start blogging about his wacky and weird ideas for making, earning and saving money. That’s when the “The Penny Hoarder” website was created.

For more money saving tips, please go to and also



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