Girl Power Campaign “Always Shine Bright” {Promotion}

Girl Power Campaign “Always Shine Bright” {Promotion}

I received Girl Power bracelets ($6.99 value), T-Shirts ($14.99 value), and stickers in exchange for this promotion.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

A Father Launched this Campaign. So Wonderful!

Do you have a precious daughter or daughters?  With 3 girls of my own, I have discovered that it can be a challenge for them in this crazy world and it’s important to have a father or father figure involved in their lives if possible. I am so happy and blessed that my husband chooses to be involved. Girls are precious gems and deserve to feel loved and happy about themselves.  A father’s love and acceptance is helpful in this.

The Girl Power bracelets I received have 5 empowering phrases that I think are important for girls to remember:

  1. “I am empowered to…Be Myself!”
  2. “Always Shine Bright”
  3. “Change the World”
  4. “Make a Difference”
  5. Follow My Dreams”

Check Out This Infographic!


The challenges that our children will face this day and age can easily discourage and tear down.  If our girls and/or young ladies are reminded that if they can indeed just be themselves, they alone will shine bright which will allow them to change the world, make a difference, and of course follow their dreams.  There is too much bullying going on and it needs to stop.  With this campaign, I believe it can help reduce bullying problems as well.


What about how the media and society portrays girls this day and age?  It’s such a sad day when they believe that girls should be; thin, popular, etc. So many girls are losing their innocence and growing up too fast based on this garbage.

If you have a daughter struggling with self-image, self-esteem, etc., check out www.GirlCampaignOrg.   It’s here where you will find their amazing story on how the campaign was started as well as many Girl Power products such as T-Shirts, bracelets, etc.

I would like to thank the folks over at Girl Power for sending me and my girls bracelets and T-shirts as an every day reminder.

To stay up to date with the Girl Power Campaign, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.



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