FAMILY FUN TIME – 5 Products That Score!

FAMILY FUN TIME – 5 Products That Score!

Guest piece from Eva Bowen, Lifestyle Expert


The holidays aren’t the only time to do fun things with your entire family – that should be something families effort as much as they can all year-long! I’ve rounded up some innovative products that will create memories for every family member…including your pets!

Leo Messi FootBubbles
Kids love bubbles. And kids love soccer. Now kids can blow bubbles into the shape of a soccer ball, and with the special socks, perform tricks with the bubble ball … just like their world-famous soccer idol, Leo Messi. FootBubbles is set to launch in the U.S. It’s great fun for kids … and it’s so easy … just slip on the Messi socks, blow a bubble into the shape of a ball and see how many times you can juggle the bubble with your feet. The bubble solution is specially formulated to create large bubbles that bounce with your feet. It’s safe for children and non-toxic. Kids perfect hand-eye (and foot-eye) coordination and get great exercise.

Schmovie Family Edition
What would you call an action film about a killer sandwich? “Rye Hard”? “Alien vs Breadator”? “You’re Toast” (starring Burnt Reynolds)? How about a Sci-Fi about a mutant booger? Or a romantic comedy about a hungry princess? The object of Schmovie is to write funny titles for make-believe movies based on an outlandish premise. Collect Schquid Trophies for winning titles as you laugh yourself silly. Schmovie is available at independent retailers nationwide, select Barnes & Noble stores, and on Amazon.

Endless Games is always on the cutting edge of games that are fun for the whole family! For ages 3 to 103, Endless Games offers card, dice, party, word, strategy, trivia, survey and pop culture games for everyone! Games like Oddly Obvious, the wild new party game where all the answers are right in front of you. One player reads clues while the other players race to spot the correct answers on a game card. The trick, the answers are each in different fonts and colors, written up, down, and even upside down. Shout out the most correct answers to win. It’s not as easy as you think! CRAZY LEGS is a brand new game that gets players up and moving. Each space on the game board represents a new physical challenge for children and families to jump, twist, shake and exercise their way to victory! You can find even more great travel games and board games at

RoosterFin Games
Board games for kids are the building blocks to fun. Monkeys Up™ is a game that will have you going bananas! Players compete to get the best score by flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys. Each monkey has a value hidden under its feet that is only revealed when flipped. Victory will come to the player who switches, steals, and flips the best. You will find yourself laughing head over heels until all of your monkeys are up! Plus tons of other games to choose from.

Pooch Selfie
Dog lovers just can’t resist taking pictures of their pooches, but it’s kind of difficult to get your pet to sit still long enough for a picture, let alone catch them looking into the camera.  The Pooch Selfie is a smart phone attachment which helps dog owners take that perfect picture or selfie with their dog. Pooch Selfie takes advantage of a dog’s natural draw and focus to a squeaker tennis ball and uses this focus to hold their gaze as you snap away that perfect portrait picture. Turn the attention to your smartphone’s front facing camera and use Pooch Selfie to capture the best selfies you’ll ever take with your pup!  Need some extra incentive? Simply remove the Pooch Selfie ball for a few squeaks and regain your dog’s focus and then place back into the attachment for some awesome pics!  Each Pooch Selfie comes with a squeaking Pooch Selfie ball and custom cell phone attachment. Pooch Selfie is specifically designed to be used with iPhones and Galaxy’s, however, works universally with most smartphones an tablets.  Pooch selfie can also be used with most third party cases.

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