How to Choose a Charity Wisely – Watch Red Flags – Interview

How to Choose a Charity Wisely – Watch Red Flags – Interview


Charitable giving peaks during the holiday season, a time when many Americans love to be generous. But how do you know how your donations are being spent?

Before making any donations this holiday season, donors should do their research to ensure they’re choosing wisely, and there are tools to help make informed decisions.

Join me in a recent interview with Thomas Tighe, President and CEO of Direct Relief – one of the nation’s highest rated and most reputable NGOs as he share tips on charitable giving, explain red flags and offer recommendations for charities.

Check out the interview above.  Please bare with the video as it’s delayed in the beginning.

Here are also some tips Thomas shared on the red flags donors should be aware of when getting phone solicitations.

  • Urgency: You shouldn’t be made to feel rushed into donating – a reputable organization will understand if you need a few days to decide and do some research on the charity in question.
  • Vague Details: Don’t be afraid to ask exactly how your money will be used, and what percentage of cash donations goes to people in need (vs going to payroll or telemarketing). With the worst offending charities, only 2-3% of cash donations actually go to those in need.
  • The Name Game: Many organizations deliberately choose names similar to existing, well-respected non-profits in an effort to mislead prospective donors into thinking they’re the same or affiliated.

About Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and 70 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. For more information, go to


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