3 Things Every Car Owner Should Do Before Taking Their Car in for Maintenance and Repair

The change in season is a great reminder to take your car in for maintenance to avoid any unexpected malfunctions during the colder autumn days. But how do you vet an auto shop to make sure you’re not getting taken for a ride?

The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program—a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of vehicle repair by certifying service professionals — recently awarded the Auto Technician of the Year award to Gary Sharits, a certified technician who has important advice for car owners who are looking for a reliable repair shop.

*** Three Things To Do Before Choosing Your Auto Repair Shop ***


Grades matter. Search for shops who have been certified by a third party agency so you can compare them to other shops using standard “measuring sticks” created just for this purpose. RepairPal [www.repairpal.com], the leading website that pre-screens repair shops to help you find quality auto repair at a fair price, is a great resource.


Comparing shops by price is only part of the equation—and can leave you with with a job you’re not happy with. When choosing a shop, focus on the quality of the repair/service performed. If the job isn’t done properly the first time, you’ll lose the savings when you have to get the issue fixed again. Use a repair price estimator, like the free one provided by RepairPal [http://repairpal.com/ estimator], to get an idea of what you can expect to pay for a certain repair in your area.


Once you’ve done all of the research, go with the shop or technician that you feel the most comfortable working with over the long term. Maintenance and repairs are an inevitable part of car ownership, so it’s important to have a reliable repair shop you can trust with your car year after year.

By using the tools and resources available to customers, choosing a trustworthy repair shop can be less of a hassle for any car owner regardless of their automotive knowledge.

Article Courtesy of RepairPal

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