A Blind Guide to Normal – Book Review

A Blind Guide to Normal – Book Review

I received a copy of “A Blind Guide to Normal” ($16.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”


A Blind Guide to Normal is a companion sequel to Vrabel’s A Blind Guide to Stinkville that we shared as a review last December in 2015.  Vrabel does a great job once again to share a middle school fiction for young readers ages 8-12, that even my 15-year old also enjoys.  Her new book intertwines characters from the previous companion.

Background of the story: 

“Fitting in always came easy to Ryder, who can find the punch line in any situation, even in his limited vision and prosthetic eye.  Ryder is sure he will fit in a Papuaville Middle School just as quickly as he did at Addison School for the Blind.

But in just the first hour of “normal” school, Richie “Ryder” Raymond is attacked by General MacCathur II (aka, Gramps’ cat), causes his bio teacher to pass out cold, makes an enemy out of the town hero, Max and fall for Jocelyn, the fierce girl next door who happens to be Max’s girlfriend.  Ryder quickly sees the only thing worse than explaining a joke is being the punchline, but with help from his Gramps and encouragement for his best friend Alice, Ryder finds the strength to not only fight back, but to make peace.”

My take on the story: 

Once again, Vrabel’s characters deal with real issues that often plague young readers she is targeting. Bullying, loneliness,  fitting in…all things we as adults too struggle with and have struggled with. Struggles come in all shapes and forms and Richie sees that along the way.  Ritchie realizes everyone is broke in some way or another and differences can be overcome.  Great book for middle school age readers!  Not heavy and full of drama, yet is potent with heartfelt meaning that everyone CAN overcome their struggles.

A Blind Guide to Normal can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere books are sold.

About the Author

Beth Vrabel grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She won a short-story contest in fourth grade and promptly decided writing was what she was going to do with her life. Although her other plans–becoming a wolf biologist, a Yellowstone National Park ranger, and a professional roller skater–didn’t come to fruition, she stuck with the writing. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in journalism, she moved through the ranks of a local newspaper to become editor of two regional magazines and a lifestyle columnist. Beth now lives in Connecticut with her wonderful husband, two charming children, a spoiled rotten puppy, and two guinea pigs, Winn-Dixie and Pippin.

Instagram and Twitter: @skyhorsepub and @skyponypress) and Beth (Twitter: @beth_vrabel and Instagram: @authorbethvrabel

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