In BeTWEEN Girls – Mentoring Program with Michelle Dunk

In BeTWEEN Girls – Mentoring Program with Michelle Dunk

Today’s society promotes a “me” world of independence and always feeling a need to be a step ahead of everyone, plus over-achieving in all we do. With that being said, this all comes at a cost of being over-whelmed and when truly asked how you are..we say “fine”, even though we are not.  Unfortunately, the steps to this type of culture can be very devastating and lonely as Michelle Dunk found out after the devastating loss of her mother and events leading up to this.  This loss left Funk convinced that she wouldn’t be alright without her mother.  After much despair, Funk became a seeker—of knowledge, love, healing, and joy. And what she found was her true self.

During her healing process, Dunk created a legacy for her two daughters called, In beTWEEN Girls, which is a non-profit organization that is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young girls, focusing on the ages of 8-12 years old. The program teaches self-awareness, goal setting, respect, and fosters caring and supporting relationships with all of the girls, mentors, and leaders in their community. This organization strongly believes in giving back and host many outreach and volunteer activities. The girls all have an opportunity to work on rewarding service projects, and take part in and/or help plan fundraising efforts to support our Mentor Scholarships.

During a recent interview, Dunk shared several ways Michigan Mom Living readers and all moms can encourage self-worth and confidence with their daughters, including:

*Helping them find their inner-spark and to have a voice and show what they are really made of.  Our daughters have so much to offer if we give them the tools and the space to feel the independence they are craving.

*Encourage to bring gifts and talents forward as they have so much to offer.  Unfortunately, today in society, youth is cut short because they don’t know it all or have the experience, but they actually have a lot to offer us all.

*Provide mentors or be a mentor yourself.  Align your daughter(s) up with people you know who have the values you want to have passed on to them. Mentoring can be something every mother can provide for their daughter.   And every mother can be a mentor also.

*Keep strong relationships with your daughters as they need this connectivity and guidance.  Reach out and be available to them as this is your chance to help them be confident now and for the future.


Michelle Dunk is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Certified Transformation and Success Coach. She is the President and Founder of a unique Mentoring and Scholarship Program called In beTWEEN Girls. Her organization is a Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation dedicated to empowering the lives of TWEEN and Teen girls by teaching them self-worth, confidence, invaluable life skills, and how to connect with their own Inner Spark. Michelle is also the CEO of the Visionary Mentoring Group, which has a mission to bring personal and professional visions to life. Her role as a motivator and mentor for women began several years ago when Michelle hosted a weekly woman’s group in her home teaching meditation, EFT tapping, empowerment and inspiring like-minded women in their own personal journeys. Today, as a Life Coach, she taps into the deep maternal, nurturing love and warm energy that she inherited from her Mom to hold the space for those seeking clarity and accelerated results with their goals. Her signature process takes her clients from pain to purpose to achieve peace, prosperity and passion. Michelle holds a degree in Sociology from Rowan University and a concentration in International Studies. She is most at peace in nature, particularly the beach, and enjoys traveling. Michelle has spent the past 12 years balancing motherhood with an active commitment to motivation, healing, and mentoring through her non-profit work, entrepreneurial pursuits and coaching. She treasures spending time with her family and friends and can typically be found with her husband, Jimmy, cheering on their daughters, Madelyn and Cassidy, on the soccer fields, basketball courts, dance recitals, and various life endeavors.


*In beTWEEN Girls Mentorship program is currently based out of New Jersey‘s Got Talent in Mantua, NJ.  Monthly leadership programs, empowerment workshops, group Mentoring, as well as parent workshops may take place in a wide array of locations. Dunk is hoping to expand her non-profit to more locations and even bring to virtual communities in the near future.  For more information, go to



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