7 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Painting The Interior Of Your Home

A fresh coat of paint can certainly give your home’s interior a brand new look. This is the best and easiest way to instantly change the feel and the ambiance inside your home.

If you are planning to change your home’s interior paint color, here are few tips and advice that you might want to follow.

Clear up the room to be painted

Remove all the hardware inside the room where paint job is about to take place. Take down all decorations and accessories. Check the wall for nail holes and other objects and clear them thoroughly. If there’s an outlet, make sure to cover it before you start the painting process.

Clean the wall

Make sure that the wall is clean and free from any dust or debris that might ruin the whole painting process. Remember that paint doesn’t stick well to dirty and dusty surface.  Wipe the wall clean and better yet, use the vacuum to dust it off thoroughly.

Fill any nail holes with spackle

Mush a good amount of spackle at the holes in your wall. Wipe it clean so it can perfectly blend in your wall. Sand it as necessary to make it smooth as your wall. You can dab some primer on this spot before painting the wall.

Do your “cut ins” first and foremost

Paint up the base boards, window trim, corners and the sides of electrical outlets first before painting up the wall. Use a small brush to do this so you can make it as clean as possible.

Use paint tray

Make sure that you have a paint tray before starting your paint job. This can make the job faster, easier and less messy.

Use proper paint brush

Make sure that the paint brush you’ll use is the right one for your wall. You don’t want an oversize roller brush for your thin or small wall and vice versa. Remember that paint brush or roller brush comes in different sizes so choose wisely.

Stick with one paint stroke

If you start from top to bottom then make sure that this is the stroke that you’ll do until you are finished. Sticking with one paint stroke can give you an even and smooth paint finish.

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