5 Ancients Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Ancients Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guest Post By MikesGearReviews.com

When we get sick, we rely on modern medicine to make us feel better. We pop in a pill for headache, another one for stomachache, and another one for fever. It’s so easy to become overly reliant on these over-the-counter medicines because they do work. But what if they suddenly become ineffective?

If you think that’s hogwash talk, think again. Because we depend on medicines such as antibiotics so much, the thing that we are trying to kill gets stronger and immune to these meds. These are called superbugs. These strains of bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, making the regular medications that we drink utterly useless against them.

Scientists are developing super antibiotics that can counter these superbugs, but we all know stronger drugs also mean greater risk to our health. These super antibiotics may be able to kill the bacteria, but they can also damage our liver and kidney.

This is the time we should all go back to natural medicines. Essential oils have been around for a very long time, and they are still being used today because they simply work.

According to recent studies, essential oils, or sometimes called ancient oils because they have been present since the ancient times, are strong enough to combat superbugs without the side effects that we can expect from OTC drugs.

Learn more about these superbugs and essential oils from the infographic below provided by MikesGearReviews.com:

Oils and Superbugs IG.jpg

Cynthia Tait

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