Boys & Girls Club of America: Tips for Youth Summer Jobs and How to Join the Workforce {Interview}

Boys & Girls Club of America: Tips for Youth Summer Jobs and How to Join the Workforce {Interview}

As students wind down the school year, many may be looking for jobs during the summer months and beyond high school graduation. Aside from the extra cash, summer jobs can teach students important skills that will help them achieve their future career goals.

To help students learn these skills, Boys & Girls Clubs of America partnered with The Hartford to open College & Career Centers in Clubs across the country, where teens can access workforce and continuing education resources that inform, motivate and equip them for success as they plan for their future after high school graduation. 

Terri Fishback, Senior Director of Workforce Readiness at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, oversees this programming across all 4,300 Clubs nationwide to ensure that all Boys & Girls Club members are work and life ready.  Please join me in a recent interview with Terri as she took time out to discuss:

●      The importance of obtaining summer jobs and how early introductions to the workforce are essential to youths’ career choices

●      Recent research that identifies what traits and skills employers seek in prospective employees

●      Tips for parents and their teens beginning a job search, including where to look for local resources and how to seek out mentors in their communities such as local businesses like The Hartford and their College & Career Centers.

●      Insights for viewers on the many paths students can take after high school graduation — from a career path to college or vocational school — and how they can plan for a successful future

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About Terri Fishback, M.AT.

Terri Fishback serves as Senior Director, Workforce Readiness at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, where she oversees projects and key initiatives to support 4,300 Clubs to ensure that all members are work and life ready. She is responsible for executing a workforce readiness strategy across Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide and fostering the development of partnerships with youth placement entities, higher education institutions, corporations and other community organizations to drive opportunities for workforce and career success with youth. 

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