Mamas, Do You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

Mamas, Do You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

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I hope you had a great week or at least a decent week. I know that we have better weeks than others. It’s certainly been one of those weeks for me. :/

Last week, I talked about trying out mineral foundation products. That is still going great. I’m loving it and my skin is happier for it. I did order the full size and it arrived so I will definitely talk about the product again as well as show some pics with comparison!

Makeup brushes! If you wear makeup, most likely you have a variety of makeup brushes. I honestly have a few different kinds but probably only use 1-2 maybe three of them. My question is, mamas, do you WASH your brushes? I do, but probably not as often as I should. If you do, how often do you wash them? This was the question I initially had upon trying out new products and using my new brushes.  Here is what I found thanks to Sweet Minerals:

To recap, “always use disinfecting spray in between brush uses!” I love this. I never thought to do that. There’s actually a “simple and natural recipe” (I can’t wait to try this) for the spray as mentioned above.  Disinfect your brushes after each use and clean them once the mineral makeup starts to build up. This makes sense, doesn’t it? I guess I better get in the habit of deep cleaning them once a month. Oops! If you already do this, you rock! I need to make some major changes to my makeup brush usages. 😉 Now remember, this all depends on how often you use them. I’m guessing the more you use your brushes the more often you will be disinfecting them as well.

Who is ready to make and try this disinfecting spray with me? If you beat me to it, I would love to see your spray. Feel free to take pics or even send a video of you making the spray. I will share it here with our readers! I’m hoping to pick up these items soon and make my own spray. When I do, I’ll share my experiences with it as well.

Let’s wash our makeup brushes, mamas!

Next week, I will be sharing a product my hubby is currently using. Yay, the next one is for the dads’!!

Are you in need of some new quality makeup brushes? You can get yours here! These are the ones I use and they are GREAT!

See you next week!!

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