My Family’s Favorite Holiday Craft Traditions!

My Family’s Favorite Holiday Craft Traditions!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is traditions! Things like watching White Christmas, making cookies, and decorating the tree. While my family had many traditions growing up, one of my favorites was making holiday crafts with my mom. I guess I get my love of art and crafts from her! Still, to this day, you will find her in her basement at her craft table. I still have many of the holiday things we made when I was a kid, from ornaments to my Christmas village we painted together.

My sister Nicole, Grandma, Me and my Mom
(Christmas long time ago)

I thought, what a better way to start than with a holiday tradition! So today, my sister and I carried on the tradition of making holiday crafts with our girls, I just wish my mom could have been here and not in Ohio!

This craft is a very inexpensive one and is great to do with your whole family this holiday season. I found that you can get everything at the dollar store, or you probably already have it in your home.

Cinnamon Ornaments

What you need:

  • Cinnamon
  • Applesauce
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Rolling Pin
  • Glitter and Ground Cloves (Optional)

Step One:

Add equal parts cinnamon and applesauce. We did about 1 cup of each. Mix together and add more cinnamon until the mixture does not stick to the bowl.

Step 2

Cinnamon the surface so that your dough does not stick. Take your dough and make it into a ball on your surface. We used cutting board to try to save my table cloth.


Step 3

Once you formed a ball, roll the dough out. Be sure to add cinnamon if your dough is sticking to anything. We added ground cloves for an extra yummy smell as we rolled it out. We aimed for about 1/4 inch thick, give or take…LOL!… with the kids! The last step before it dries is making a hole for your string or wire! We used a straw.


Step 4

Have fun and use your cookie cutter! The girls cut out different shapes and added glitter for fun on each one!

Last step

Let sit or bake. It is your choice! You can just put them in a warm spot for about 24 hours, or turn the oven onto 200 degrees and bake them on low for a few hours.

Once they are completely dry and hard, add a string or wire and hang on your tree!





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