Crafting Tips for 2020…PLUS How to Make a Loop Scarf!

Crafting Tips for 2020…PLUS How to Make a Loop Scarf!

Happy New Year!

So you think you want to craft! All the time, I hear people saying “oh, I am so jealous”, “you are so creative and crafty.” The truth is, everyone can be crafty. Crafting is not always being creative but more about not worrying about failing. Even the “pro” crafters fail all the time. Crafting like everything else is about just having fun and to keep trying.

Out of the many projects I have taken on, it is not until around number 20 that I even start to like what I made. So, here are few New Year tips to get you off to crafting in 2020!

Crafting Tips for 2020

  1. Start Small– While Pinterest and blogs are a great inspiration, they can be overwhelming and have huge projects that will easily overwhelm anyone. When looking, be sure to include tags like easy or beginner.
  2. Crafting Can Be Expensive– When started, I didn’t realize that things add up fast. You see this awesome project and by the time you check out at the store you have spent way over what you thought. So shop smart. Watch your craft stores for sales! Most stores like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics have apps where you can have coupons at your fingertips and watch for those sales! Subscribe to their emails to receive coupons! Some apps like Ibotta also help you get money back at Joann’s and Amazon when you get crafting. Hobby Lobby, like most craft stores, cycle their sales so it pays to wait. If it is not on sale during the week, feel free to put that craft on hold until things are on sale again!
  3. Try a Class– Many craft stores offer classes nowadays. Be sure to go in and ask or check out their local Facebook page.
  4. Craft With a Friend– Crafting is fun with friends. Make it a hang out night! There was a reason they invented quilting circles! It is always better with a friend.
  5.  Be patient– It takes time! Most crafts are not going to be a 5-minute project so be prepared to set aside time or have a place to store it and work on it in segments.
  6. Lastly, HAVE FUN! Crafting is a way to have fun and some fun by yourself or with family and friends.

This year, my goal is to help you by walking you through some fun crafts. This ranges from beginner crafts and crafts for the whole family to things to decorate your home and showing you new projects I am learning. So, let’s have some fun in 2020!

Here is a fun easy craft for kids and adults to start your new year!

Loop Scarf!

Supplies You Will Need

Loop-It Yarn– I used Red Heart brand from Hobby Lobby (Yarn can be fund some weeks for 30% off and is a great time to buy) or use a coupon at your local store. Adult size scarf you will need 2 bundles. Kids size only 1. Adult size makes a row of 8 loops, kids a row of 5.

My sister, a non-crafter, is the one who taught me about this one! She wanted something to do while she watched TV.

Just a tip, my scarf is not even close to perfect! Don’t give up if you make mistakes! Things can be undone and redone quickly. This yarn project was done for under $5 for a kids’ scarf with the sale price.

It is best to start on a flat surface to get going!

Kids Scarf-1 Bundle

Step 1. Count out 5 loops and lay them flat.

Step 2. Next, you are going to take the loops and go back the other way through the loops. You are going to take the loop one by one and go through the back of the loop, doing all 5 loops. I tried my best to get a picture!

Step 3. Continue to pull through the back of the loops in rows of 5. Once you complete a row of 5, you go back the other way.

Step 4. The end! Once I reached the end, I cut the last ones and tied them back into the scarf and tucked it in however, I thought it looked good. There might be a better way, but this is just how I did it.

Step 5. Find someone to model for you! Show off your work! Here is Chase my wonderful model!





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