Michigan Mama’s Product Faves: RED Chocolate, Fitz Frames, Heathmade Lotion, & Good Green Cleaner

Michigan Mama’s Product Faves: RED Chocolate, Fitz Frames, Heathmade Lotion, & Good Green Cleaner

I received samples of RED Chocolate variety pack ($12.99 value), Fitz Frames ($125 value), Heathmade Lotion Bar ($14.50 value), and Good Green Cleaner ($15.99 per bottle value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

I have an awesome blog review segment of Michigan Mama’s Product Faves for you today! I received the opportunity of reviewing RED Chocolate, kids’ blue light filtering glasses from Fitz Frames, Heathmade lotion bar, and Good Green Cleaner products.

RED Chocolate

RED Chocolate

RED has all the guiltless indulgence of regular chocolate, but with up to 50% less calories and 30-40% less fat!

PLUS all RED bars are:

·  Keto-Friendly

·  Weight Watchers Friendly

·  Up to 50% less calories than other dark chocolate brands

·  30-40% less fat than other chocolate brands

·  No added sugar – natural sweeteners from plants

·  Cocoa from the Ivory Coast of Africa, whose farmers select, roast and grind the cocoa beans to perfection

Let me just say that I LOVE this brand of chocolate. I think my favorites of the samples I received are the orange and almond. Amazing!

I am a fan of dark chocolate as well

and it’s awesome to not feel guilty eating a brand of chocolate that doesn’t have boatloads of sugar but yet tastes amazing. I also love that this chocolate brand comes in healthy 100 calories snack bars. Perfect for that sugar craving without all the added sugar.

You will definitely want to check them out!

I’m still enjoying the benefits of this RED treat as well as my family. In fact, just today I shared some samples with my parents and they also agreed they taste great!

I would like to give a big thank you

to the folks over at RED chocolate for supplying me with a variety of amazing samples to try and share with our readers. You can purchase RED chocolate on Amazon.

Fitz Frames

Fitz Frames

Check out Fitz Frames.

This awesome company makes custom, 3D printed eyewear including prescription, blue light filtering, and sunglasses! I was so excited to be offered the chance to try out their blue light filtering glasses with my 11-year-old. The process is pretty simple too.

They have a free App (Fitz) to download

where your child gets to virtually try on the different styles of glasses.

You just hold up the phone in front of your child’s face to see what each pair looks like. She chose the style “Certainly” in white. Then the app takes you to a page where they measure your child’s face.

Your child then turns their head where the white dots are and it freezes it as a pic and presto! The glasses are ordered and shipped out. How cute are these?

The biggest perks to these glasses

are that they were customized on the temples (different sizes available for comfort) with her name and included a nifty case!

Because my kiddies love screen time just like the next kid,

it’s time to protect their eyes. Sure those screen times are limited, but when they are on the screen, it’s best to protect them from eye strain, especially at a young age.

These blue light filtering glasses have been awesome! My daughter says she notices her eyes don’t get as tired. With that said, the whole family will be getting their own pair of glasses.

So far, 3 out of 5 of us have them. 1 pair from Fitz and 2 pair elsewhere. I am on the search for my own.

I would like to say a big thank you to Fritz for giving my daughter the opportunity to try out your glasses. They have been awesome!

Heathmade Lotion Bar

Moms! You no longer have to worry about moisturizers and hand creams leaking in your purse or squeezing too much or too little out of bottles or tubes.

Check out this stick formula that glides right on and easily rubs in.

Nourish and soothe dry skin

with a combination of argan oil, avocado butter, candelilla wax or white beeswax, and essential oils.

We received the “Relax” lotion bar to try. Yes, this product is amazing! Even my 17-year-old daughter says it works great on those tough dry spots.

I definitely love this concept for lotion bars.

My skin is very sensitive but responded well to this product in just a couple of times that I have used it. You can tell the ingredients used are natural containing no toxic chemicals which I greatly appreciate.

Choose from signature scents:

  • Aware –  A bright blend of citrusy lemongrass and cool spearmint.
  • Awaken – Fresh coffee is combined with sweet orange and creamy vanilla.
  • Devote – Relaxing, bright, and clean scents of lavender, citrus, juniper, and rosemary.
  • Be TrueThe woodsy scent of sandalwood and the soft, warmth of vanilla.
  • Relax – Escape the day with the rich, floral aroma of ylang-ylang and the spicy and exotic combination of ginger and orange.

For more information, visit https://heathmadela.com/

A special note from Heath, the founder:

Heathmade donated April product proceeds to No Kid Hungry.

“While I have been fortunate to keep busy during this uncertain time, I recognize many businesses and schools are suffering. After talking it over with my family, I decided to make a donation to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization that ensures kids who count on the meals they receive at school, continue to get the food they need to be healthy.”

About Heathmade Los Angeles: Heath Wilson’s entrepreneurial journey began at four years old as he attended a week-long potions lab to learn about the healing power of plants, herbs, and aromatics.

His first sales began at a school fair as he sold hand-crafted, alcohol-free hand sanitizer. He quickly acquired apothecary-like skills crafting products with ingredients such as essential oils, plant butters and other natural ingredients.

Heath traded the fair booth for a business venture founding Heathmade. Today the brand carries an array of natural, cruelty-free products including lotion bars, lip balms, deodorant, a healing balm for the face and body, and Heath’s signature hand sanitizers.

I would like to thank everyone over at Heathmade for giving us the opportunity to try out the product. We love it and think it’s great! Awesome job!


Good Green Cleaner

Good Green Cleaner

I am so excited! I have found the perfect non-toxic cleaner for my family. I have tried several other products and never saw active results but Good Green Cleaner does the job and more than one!

During this time of COVID, we’re all cleaning our living spaces as we’ve never cleaned before, right? But what’s the point of cleaning if you’re doing it with toxins? I have always been aware of products with toxic chemicals and can notice reactions and issues when using them.

Good Green Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, food-safe cleaner. Yes, food-safe! Isn’t that amazing? The products are bio-based, which means they are composed of renewable sources (including plants and organisms) found in nature and they pose no human health risks when in use. But yet they get the job done and clean exceptionally well. They really do! Even on tough grime, etc!

Good Green Cleaner products are not only safe, but they are sustainable:

  • The reusable bottle ships empty (saving on energy and shipping costs)
  • The bottle comes with a recyclable “pod” full of cleaning fluid.
  • Fill the bottle with 32 ounces of tap water, screw on the pod until it clicks, releasing the cleaner.
  • Screw off, toss in the recycle bin and then screw on the spray nozzle.
  • When out, keep your bottle and simply purchase more pods

Good Green Cleaner has four products to choose from. I have had the opportunity of trying all four:

  • Odor Eliminator & All-Purpose Cleaner: Not only does this product eliminate odor, but it cleans as it does it. Be gone urine smells from around the toilet! The probiotic cleaner will remove the bad bacteria causing odors and illness.
  • Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser: Just like it says, this product is perfect for your kitchen counters and cabinets while cutting grease from around the stove. Bonus – it’s certified food contact safe (makes it easy to clean the counters before kneading that bread that so many of us are making). But it doesn’t stop there – test this bad boy on your grill and really see the magic happen.
  • Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner: You thought your streaks were gone before, just wait until you try this product on your mirrors. It’s ammonia-free and removes petroleum streaks left behind from other glass cleaners. This product is also certified food contact safe.
  • Bathroom, Tile & Tub Cleaner: Not only cleans but whitens grout as it does so.

With entire families being indoors most of the time, one never saw just how dirty the house could get. It definitely feels safe to use around the family and great for the environment! I don’t have to worry about breathing in nasty chemicals or opening windows to air it out. This is definitely refreshing and highly recommended.

I would like to thank the folks over at Good Green Cleaner for giving me the opportunity to try out your products with my family. We love them! I will definitely be ordering refills very soon!

Product Photos Taken By Kelly Clair.














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