Home Security Hacks That Every Homeowner Must Know

Home Security Hacks That Every Homeowner Must Know

If you live in a community or neighborhood where home invasion and burglary are prevalent, home security must be your top priority. Aside from following the usual security measures like installing CCTV cameras, alarm systems, etc., you must also do “a little more extra” to keep your home safer against thieves and criminals.

Below are some home security hacks that can surely make your home tougher to break into.

Take advantage of thorny plants

Aside from improving the appeal of your home, plants can also become an effective defense system against thieves. Consider placing thorny plants or vines in areas where you don’t want any stranger to access. For example, consider planting a thorny shrub under the windows of your room. It might not stop them totally from climbing up your windows but still, thieves will find it tougher to get inside your home.

Don’t put all valuables in one area

The number one room that burglars look into immediately upon entering your home is the master bedroom. So it’s highly advisable to keep some of your valuables away from this room. Hide your jewelry in unexpected places like the kid’s bedroom. Store your emergency stash of cash at one cabinet of your laundry room. Avoid usual hiding spots like under mattresses, behind pictures, paintings, and more.

Use a key lockbox

If you have no choice but to leave a spare key outside of your home, use a lockbox instead of leaving it under the mat, a flower pot, or a fake rock. Check out those lockboxes that realtors use and have it installed in your home.

Use a decoy

If burglary is really too common in your area, then consider using a decoy. Buy a small decoy safe to take burglar’s attention away from the real one. Place this decoy somewhere in your bedroom. If thieves see this, they will surely carry it out and leave the place immediately without checking the items inside of it. Just make sure to lock the decoy safe and put some fake items on it, like fake pieces of jewelry so if ever they shake it, they’ll know that something is hidden inside of it.

Keep your car keys within arm’s reach

Car key fobs can be an effective alarm system nowadays. Since they are now installed with a panic button, you can easily press it once you see or hear something unusual within your property. The alarm that your car will make can stop potential thieves from entering your house.

Relocate your alarm system keypad

Since most alarm pads are placed or installed near common entrances such as the front and back door, burglars will find it easy to turn off. They know exactly where to look at once they break into your home. If you can place it out of the common areas and out of plain sight, much better. If not, just make sure that it can’t be easily seen from the outside through your windows.

Note: These home security hacks can also be used or applied at apartments for rent. Just make sure that the apartment manager or landlord knows the changes that you’ll make to avoid conflicts.

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