Homeschool Help is Available!!

Homeschool Help is Available!!

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Are you looking to end virtual schooling and homeschool your child/children officially? There is a difference. Homeschooling is where you get to freely homeschool your child with whatever curriculum you choose without any timelines or deadlines.

You are in complete control of your child’s education. Awesome, right? And yes, you can do it! There are also local homeschool co-op programs etc. you can take advantage of to encourage socialization as well. Field trips galore too!

And guess what? Homeschool help is available!

A Little Back Story…

I am a homeschool mama of 3 girls. We have been homeschooling since 2011. For the first 5 years, we have tried several curriculums and programs to see what met my girls’ needs specifically. It was great yet a challenge at times (not gonna lie), figuring out their learning styles.

Each child is different and learns differently.

In the past 5 years, we have been using a program that has been perfect for their learning styles all with the flexibility we need as a family. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

My oldest daughter is now a senior in high school (17) and has been accepted to 2 Michigan Universities of her choice so far with scholarship offers. Yay! She is a competitive dancer in several genres and hopes to also get accepted into the dance programs at these Universities to pursue her dreams and visions of a dance degree.

So proud!

See? Homeschoolers can get into college with as much hard work too and can be offered scholarships! Whoo-hoo! This was my worry and fear for a very long time. But we did it and you can too! Remember though, not every homeschooling family is the same. That’s what makes it exciting! Every family is different!

Our middle daughter (14)

is a freshman in high school and currently finding out her passions. She loves baking and music. She is currently learning the guitar. She plays piano and ukulele. Since I am trained in music and theory, as a homeschool mama, I am easily able to teach these skills. So awesome!

My youngest daughter (11)

and in the sixth grade, plays drums and loves arts and crafts. Obviously, still finding out what she truly loves all with the beauty of a homeschool education.

Feeling stuck or just starting out?

Homeschool help is available at! Get the premier homeschool support magazine, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine! US $15/single; US $29/yr, Canada/Int. $59/yr. The Winter issue is in the works!

Their resources are amazing!

I used to be a blogger for their Homeschool Review Crew! I got to review (for free) amazing curriculums to try out with my girls in our earlier homeschool years. It was a blast!

If you have questions about homeschooling, I’m happy to answer them the best that I can! You can comment below or email me at

Happy homeschooling!


Lindsey Jenn

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