4 Ways to Create a Safe Basement Playroom for Kids

4 Ways to Create a Safe Basement Playroom for Kids

 By Brooke Chaplan

With kids spending more time at home than before, a basement play area offers extra room for activities and helps to minimize noise from their favorite games. Set up a fun and safe basement playroom for your kids with the help of the following tips.

Check the Structure

Look around the walls, floor, and ceiling of the basement to find symptoms of deterioration that need to be addressed. Leaks, mold, and moisture should be evaluated and fixed before the playroom is organized. Check to see if foundation repair is needed. Signs you need foundation repair include symptoms like crumbling or shifting block or other building materials. Look for evidence of termites or other infestations and take care of the problem immediately. The basement play area should be clean, stable, and ready to decorate for the kids’ playtime.

Ensure the Flooring is Durable

The basement playroom should have secure flooring in place to prevent trips and falls and to help retain heat while keeping cold air and moisture away. Consider using wall-to-wall waterproof flooring, indoor/outdoor carpet to help insulate the play area or large, durable area rugs that can be easily cleaned when a mess occurs. Don’t use expensive carpet in case flooding should occur in the future.

Update the Lighting

Check the electric system to make sure it is up to code and safe for plug-in toys, computers, and other electronics that the kids may use in their designated area. Update the lighting to provide adequate illumination so the kids can clearly see to move around in their playroom. Utilize window light by raising the blinds or installing pull-back drapes. You may want to use track lighting or recessed ceiling lights for optimal brightness as well as safety when the kids start bouncing around toys and games, such as when using a ping pong table.

Remove Hazardous Substances

Lock-up in cabinets or in a separate basement room all the hazardous items that curious children might get into or accidentally spill. These include paint, varnish, gasoline, kerosene, drain cleaner as well as equipment or tools that could be plugged in and used, such as an electric power saw, drill, or extension cords. Inspect the area before kids play there and again afterward to be sure everything is where it safely belongs.

Kids and parents will love having a basement play area for exercise, games, computer time, or watching television. Decorate it in a cozy, comfortable style that the kids will enjoy. Keep it child-friendly by removing hazards and making necessary repairs or updates.

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