How to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle From Every Corner

How to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle From Every Corner

By Rachelle Wilber

Keeping your bathroom clean is essential. Bathrooms tend to become grungy because of moisture and soap scum. Frequent cleaning keeps it clean and germ-free. It doesn’t have to be a hard chore, especially if everyone does their duty well. During a hot shower, open the windows or turn on the exhaust fan. Bathtub taints are tormenting in many bathrooms. You don’t want to take a steamy relaxing bath in a tub tainted with mold, rust, mildew, or grime. It doesn’t just stain the bathtub but damages the surface. If not well-cleaned, your bathtub will retrograde and will finally need a replacement, which is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, always clean your bathroom thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth. Following are a few tips to make your bathroom sparkle.

Prevent Soap Scum and Mildew From Forming

Hot showers cause mold and mildew due to warm and damp areas. Prevent mildew, soap scum, and other issues from foaming. Wipe your walls, tubs, sinks, and tiles after every shower to keep it dry. By maintaining cleanliness, you will not need strong chemical cleaners and will prevent bacterial growth. Ensure the soap has no foam on it after bathing.

Keep Tile Grout Clean

Cleaning floors is critical. A wet floor will make you slip, causing injuries or worse. Dirty floors lead to fungi in the grout. Grout keeps ceramic tiles connected, and it is an essential foundation of all tiles. Always keep it clean, or otherwise, it will accumulate bacterial growth over time. A non-bacterial floor makes a good impression on you and your family members. To attain a clean floor, invest in tile grout cleaning solutions. The advantages of hiring the service are that it will extend floor lifespan, keeps the floor sparkly, and kills bacteria and other harmful germs. The hiring services are affordable and flexible.

Scrub Ceilings

Cleaning the ceiling is usually ignored as you don’t look at it frequently. Clean it regularly by using a sponge and a mollifying purpose cleaner. Use white vinegar solution or a non-chlorine solution to clean and remove mildew. It is better and less rigorous than bleach.

Wash Sinks and Toilets Everyday

Hair combing, toothpaste dribbles, make-up products dribbles, and over-spray of hair products make the sink dirty and full of grime. Clean it regularly for a shiny look. For the light soil, use an all-purpose cleaner. For acclimatized accretions, use corrosive or soft-scrub cleaners as they are easy to cleanse from ceramic surfaces.

Scrub the toilets every day. Scrub the toilet bowl with a good brush. No one likes to use a toilet that is not sparkling. Place powdered or liquid cleaner in the bowl to get rid of germs and deposits. Spray your toilet with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner or disinfecting spray cleaner and check the waiting time before you wipe it. Use a fresh, clean, and dry cloth. Spray an air freshener to get rid of the foul odor.

It is crucial to thoroughly clean the bathroom floors and ceilings at least once a week. Wipe off excess water from the floors daily. Clean your toilet twice a day. Instead of bar soaps, invest in hand wash and shower gels to avoid soap scum and mildew. Baking soda is a good cleaner as it gets rid of germs. If you don’t have time to make your bathroom sparkle, hire professional bathroom cleaners.

Giving your toilet a meticulous scrub is even more necessary if you frequently entertain guests in your home and your comfort room is often in use. In that case, you might want to invest in commercial-grade toilets from Saniflo rather than residential kind. These toilet types require larger plumbing lines, so they clog less and are more durable.

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