Best Cardio Workout Routine for Muscle Gain

Best Cardio Workout Routine for Muscle Gain

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At any given time, muscle gain is traced back to weight-based exercises. Most people think unless you do not lift a heavyweight, you will never get desired results. There is no doubt that you need to work on your weight lifting exercises and focus on one muscle at a time if you want to gain muscle.

However, limiting muscle gain exercises to only a few weight lifting workouts will also not be a suitable decision. There are two main types of weight lifting exercises. One consists of obviously external weight lifting that is heavily dependent on the equipment you use. However, there is a second, most effective, and very commonly used method of weight lifting that involves various techniques that can help you use your body weight and focus all the weight on one muscle so that it can result in muscle gain.

This is a very common, old method that can be traced back to ancient Greek times. With the help of these simple cardio-based workouts, you might not be able to see major muscle gain but you will see that your muscles are becoming tighter and toned. With the help of this article, we will list down some easy cardio-based workouts that will help you gain muscle and get toned.

Cardio Workouts Routine for Muscle Gain

For the workout, you need to divide it into three main steps. The first step will help your body get ready for the workout. This will be a warm-up session that eventually builds endurance and strength. The best thing about warm-up exercise is that it reduces the chance of injury so your body can make the most out of a limited workout plan.

Cardio Based Workout

Cardio is mainly anything that will help you bring your heartbeat up and get your blood rushing. You can choose something that you like as well. However, try to choose something that will also help you stay motivated. The best thing about a cardio-based workout is that you do not need special equipment or sportswear.


Push-up is a great exercise for toning your core and upper body. Since you will be relying on all fours for weight, you will see an impact on your lower body, especially your hamstrings as well. You can start with at least 15 pushups however, as you continue to work out, you can increase the number.


Crunches are great for your core. If you look at some of the best workout routines you will see that crunches are number one. There are so many variations of crunches and each type helps shape your core and tighten your abs muscles.


Pull up is another excellent workout that is mainly used in army training for better upper body strength. It is great for the shoulder, chest, core, and arms. It strengthens the grip and helps you improve your upper body strength.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a great workout for your upper body, especially arms, shoulder, core, and back muscles. You will have to decide about the pace because it will impact the amount of fat you will burn. Experts recommend that you can start at a slow pace and as you go on, you can increase size. Add a 10-second break after one minute of rowing session for better results.


Swimming is a full-body exercise that will help you burn all the extra calories. Swimming is interactive, engaging, and a very fun exercise. Apart from this, it is a great workout for the upper body, especially the shoulders, arms, and back. It will also help you to tone up your body.

Cool Down Session

Within a cool-down session, you will help your body calm down, bring down the blood pressure to normal and bring down the heartbeat as well. Cardio-based workouts are very intense and most people end up with aches and cramps. To reduce the chance of pain, you can complete it with a simple yoga session. You will be able to let in all the air and then exhale so your body gets enough supply of oxygen.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the technique that you choose. You can opt for extreme workout routines that can involve weight lifting and a lot of different machines. However, with intense weight-based exercises, you will find it hard to keep the balance. Most people’s weight-based workouts are progressive and you need to keep getting better equipment.

This workout plan is simple and consists of cardio workouts that you can perform at home without any equipment. Another important thing is that these workouts are very good for muscle tightening which will help you reduce fat content in your body yet offer you a better shape. With equipment-based muscle gain, most people end up working on one part of the body more than other which eventually impacts their body structure.

With these simple cardio-based workouts you will be able to bring back the fat content to a minimum and you will have a much better exercise routine to perform at home.

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