Best Workout Plan for Muscle Gain

Best Workout Plan for Muscle Gain

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When it comes to exercise, your goal says a lot about the exercise that you will choose. People usually think about weight loss programs or muscle gain programs. Among both these famous programs, muscle gain programs are known to be easier.

However, if you look closely, there is a lot more going on than you think. According to some of the famous people known in the bodybuilding industry, they have at least 6 meals per day along with three exercise sessions that keep them occupied.

Most people think that the muscle gain programs are usually too hectic that they do not have time for anything other than the gym, preparing protein shakes, marinating a good meal, and sleeping. Overall, this seems like a very hectic routine where you have to figure out things that you want to eliminate from your life.

According to psychologists, bodybuilding is a great way to help your body stay away from negative thoughts because you will be invested in working out so much that it will leave you no time to think about negative events.

With the help of this article, we will help you understand a few essentials that will speed up the muscle gaining process. We will further explore some of the best exercises and some ways to help you speed up the progress of muscle gain.

Easy Workout Plan for Muscle Gain

This is a simple 15 days workout that will help you bulk up easily. This workout is divided into weeks so you can easily adjust as you start working out.

Week 1

This has six different moves and for the first four, we have set then for the last two we have supersets. You can mix and match or stick to order according to your needs.

You need to start with an incline bench press, the move to bent over row, dumbbell bench press, prone dumbbell flye, and cable crossover. Finally, complete it with a cable straight arm pull.

Week 2

For the second week, keep going with the same weight moves and keep the same order, however you need to change the sets. You have to divide it into five sets and eight reps. You also need to keep in mind that there can be extra sets with 3, 4, and 5 that can be divided into A and B.

For this week, start with the back squat, Romanian deadlifts, underhand lat pull down and then move to triceps dip, cable bicep curls and then end it with cable triceps press.

For the next week, you need to have the second block with the change of session. For this, you will see an improvement in your fat ratio. You will have chest, back, and leg workouts mainly with arms and back as well. Focus on adding shoulder and arms workout with weight.

For the fast finish, you need to add some high-intensity workouts as well. Start by lifting the heavyweight and keep your form.

How to Improve Progress?

Most people focus mainly on exercise without realizing that your lifestyle and diet play an equally important role. To make sure you are offering your body enough power that it can work out properly, start with a high protein diet.

You need to divide your daily meal into at least 5 portions and then make sure each portion is good enough to make you satisfied till the next meal. Eating nuts or juices cannot be counted as a meal, so make sure you are taking a high protein-based shake or a smoothie as a meal.

Apart from this, stay active and stretch. Most people eat heavy meals so they can stay energized while they work, however, high-fat food right before exercise can make you feel nauseous, and since carbs take longer to digest you will still feel low energy.

Take at least 30 minutes so your body can digest food easily and then start working out. For an overall better workout, drink something healthy or have an energy bar before the workout.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to marinating a good routine that you can commit to. Most people start an intense routine only to give up on a few days. If you have limited time, you can build an intense workout, however, if you do not have a time limit, just simple steps will be enough to help you see the progress, apart from this, most people think that exercise is the only key.

Your lifestyle is the only key and exercise is just one part of it. You need to improve your diet as well as focus on making your daily routine more productive. Try to get involved in physical activities more and this will help your body in improving progress.

Most people never start working out or have a very passive lifestyle. This eventually makes things worse because they are prone to injury and their body takes time to heal as compared to someone who is physically more active.

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